Notes from the San Francisco Zine Fest: Hellen Jo and Calvin Wong

Img 0139

Carla and I had a nice time at the 2009 San Francisco Zine Fest on Sunday. This week, I'll share some of the photos I took of the zinesters who came to sell their comics and zines. (Yesterday I wrote about Sean Logic and his zine, The Great MySpace Swindle.)

This is Hellen Jo and Calvin Wong. Helen was working on this amazing watercolor while she was there (a commission, she said.) Click on the photo for a closer look. It's beautiful.

Hellen and Calvin were selling their comic books. They're both very talented artists and storytellers. Calvin's comic book, Ramble On is a humorous heavy metal sci-fi fantasy story about a guitar playing beaked critter who battles a grumpy giant tree. Helen's comic, Jin & Jam #1 is about a couple of chain-smoking high school girls who pal up with another girl who gets in a fight with a pair stylish but nasty-tempered conjoined twins. Both comics are excellent. I see good things ahead for both of them. (Also, check out Calvin's interpretation of Cher's pre-Cher song "Ringo, I Love You")