Collection of Curiosities auction

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Dreweatts auction house in Bristol, England, is holding an auction tomorrow that includes several choice lots. The two most desirable items in the "Collection of Curiosities" auction, at least in my opinion, are a two-headed calf taxidermy mount and a mummified hand. With a guide price of less than £100 for the hand, I'd be surprised if it's real. But well-done vintage gaffs are fun too! From the auction descriptions:
Lot No 456: Taxidermy, a scarce conjoined twin calves head, on an oak shield wall mount, inscribed verso 'Born 1911 Lymington Terr., Esh Winning, Durham, Mr A Haig, Farmer', the shield 35.5cm high, guide price £300-400

Lot No 415: A mummified hand, approx. 16cm long, in a leaded perspex case with a wooden base, guide price £50-100
Collection of Curiosities auction


  1. @GODOT and ANON #2 – I would say that I am surrounded by dorks, but the fact that I get both references would give me away as one.

    As a side note, you can also buy you creepy taxidermy locally (if you are in the U.S. and consider anywhere else in the U.S. to be local) at – I have bought several pieces from Sarina and never been less than satisfied. Apparently, the way to a girl’s (dry persevered boar’s) heart is through her Mystery Hand necklace.

  2. Bristol Museum is a great place to see this kind of stuff for free! Wait for the Banksy exhibition to finish this weekend and take a stroll around!

  3. I saw a mummified hand in a bell-jar at an antiquarian book store – asking price 600$. It looked a lot nicer than this one though. Lots of Roman-era mummys were floating around in the 19th century. Not that rare.

  4. Robert Benchley wrote hilariously about a two-headed calf that his friends gave him when he asked for help in decorating his famous apartment at the Royalton. Does anyone remember this essay? Probably not.

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