Gundam-themed wedding

John sez, "These are photos from a Gundam themed wedding in Japan that featured a life-sized giant Gundam robot. It is awe inspiring in its sheer enormity. If only our country would allocate more funding for truly incredible works of art like a life-sized giant robot to stand inside a city park somewhere."

Odaiba Gundam Wedding (Thanks, John and everyone else who suggested this!)


  1. if they didn’t kill dolphins (and whales) i’d move to japan right now! they make wicked cool fabrics AND giant robots. oh and their food isn’t bad at all either especially if one is vegan.

    man, those pictures are wicked cool

  2. The scale of that thing is mind boggling. I hope it was used for more than just this wedding!

    @ Rose Bush #1: Works especially well if you are a pesci-vegan. ;)

  3. awesome. now i want to see a life sized gundam that actually works. then i sahll know i’m living in the future.

  4. I was driving down Route 90 in Western Massachusetts the other day, and noticed one of those ridiculous-looking cell phone towers, decorated to look like a 200-foot pine tree. It got me thinking about giant sculptures like this one.

    I was imagining that monstrosity, if it were instead a large artful structure, designed by a local artist and/or architect. It could become a landmark, and a celebration of modern technology, instead of a lame attempt at trying to hide it.

    A mobile carrier employing this tactic might be able to provide better coverage in places where cell towers were previously banned, or augmenting sparse coverage areas.

  5. I would love to see the debate in congress: “First they tried to kill grandma with health care reform, now they’re trying to do it with giant robots!” On the plus side, I would make a killing selling Old Glory Robot Insurance.

  6. I want a statue this big of either Barney the Big Purple Dinosaur, CLifford the Big Red Dog or Aleister Crowley, you know, just for the hell of it.

  7. Monstrinho del Biscoito,
    That is a real working Gundam. We just don’t have the Helium-3 to power it.

    Which is a good thing, because the next thing you know, some pimply teenager would climb into the thing and accidentally destroy half the neighborhood.

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