Where the Wild Things Are cupcakes

Flickr user Claire_issa uploaded pictures of these stupendous Where the Wild Things Are cupcakes that she made for her roommate, noting, "These are texas-sized snickerdoodle cupcakes. For frosting and decorations I used chocolate ganache (Moishe), canned vanilla frosting (Max), sprinkles, store-bought gumpaste eyes, and fondant colored tinted by hand."

Now that is love.

Where the Wild Things Are cupcakes (via Neatorama)


  1. I parsed that not as “‘Where The Wild Things Are’ cupcakes”, but as “where the wild things are cupcakes” — a place where wild things are all cupcakes. I want to go there and eat wild things.

  2. Totally cool! But I gotta say, the lines on the sides of Max’s head make his cupcake look… kinda… goatse-y…

  3. Does anyone know what fondant tastes like? I keep seeing it on these fancy sculptural cake elements, and while it looks great, it does not look delicious.

  4. I don’t know what “texas-sized snickerdoodle cupcakes” are, but these are so well done! Mmm, wild things… they make my heart sing.

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