Shane Speal's cigar box guitar lessons


3 Responses to “Shane Speal's cigar box guitar lessons”

  1. shanespeal says:

    Thanks for bleedin’ it to the dozens, Mark!

    The lesson posted is just one of 4 I recorded this morning. Make sure to click the link to see them all. They’re all located at , the epicenter of the growing Cigar Box Guitar Movement.

    Stay primal,
    Shane Speal
    ps. my own site with FREE cigar box guitar plans and downloadable mp3′s and more is

  2. mr.skeleton says:

    And I like Shane’s t-shirt!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t this a cigarbox mountain dulcimer? The tuning scheme – 1-5-1, with the 1-5 used mostly as drones and the melody played on the top string – is pretty much the mountain dulcimer. Usually played on the lap, but, still.

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