Video of Maker Faire Africa


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  1. manoochehri says:

    Wasn’t this event held in Accra, the capital city of Ghana? It’s a bit far away from Kenya.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is no mystery how the works. A paste made out of wood ash will react with aluminium very vigorously. The energy comes from the massive amount of energy that the smelting plant used to make the aluminium. So it isn’t a really sustainable energy source.

  3. Ian Holmes says:

    Ghana is one of the most enjoyable and edifying countries it’s been my pleasure to visit…. the music, drumming, art and humor are invigorating… the Christian slogans and business names are very amusing (“Three Ways of God Cement Store”, “Jesus Saves Electronics”, etc.) and the massive, ancient European slave forts are a slap in the face.

    Very cool that Maker culture is taking root out there!

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