Production notes from new Kids in the Hall series

Kids in the Hall superfan Tavie sez,
The Kids in the Hall are shooting their new miniseries for CBC, Death Comes to Town, in North Bay, Ontario.

As their official online presence cheerleader and resident of the US with no access to CBC, I thought it important that they get their asses online and use social media to its fullest. If the show has no buzz, how will a US network pick it up and let ME see it? It's all about me.

After some poking and prodding by his most annoying fan, Mark McKinney has at last started posting production notes at their Facebook page. The page was originally set up by a fan, but has been handed over to the guys to post official photos, videos and hilarious status updates,

Their willingness to let their fans drag them to the 21st century, kicking-and-screaming, makes me love them long time. I'm co-admin along with a fan named Jen. Any status updates by one of us will have our names in front - otherwise, it comes directly from the keyboard and fevered brain of Mark McKinney, the Chicken Lady herself. Check out the photo he posted of himself in full feathered regalia, it's fucking sweet.

Kids in the Hall (Thanks, Tavie!)