Production notes from new Kids in the Hall series

Kids in the Hall superfan Tavie sez,
The Kids in the Hall are shooting their new miniseries for CBC, Death Comes to Town, in North Bay, Ontario.

As their official online presence cheerleader and resident of the US with no access to CBC, I thought it important that they get their asses online and use social media to its fullest. If the show has no buzz, how will a US network pick it up and let ME see it? It's all about me.

After some poking and prodding by his most annoying fan, Mark McKinney has at last started posting production notes at their Facebook page. The page was originally set up by a fan, but has been handed over to the guys to post official photos, videos and hilarious status updates,

Their willingness to let their fans drag them to the 21st century, kicking-and-screaming, makes me love them long time. I'm co-admin along with a fan named Jen. Any status updates by one of us will have our names in front - otherwise, it comes directly from the keyboard and fevered brain of Mark McKinney, the Chicken Lady herself. Check out the photo he posted of himself in full feathered regalia, it's fucking sweet.

Kids in the Hall (Thanks, Tavie!)


  1. I cant wait for the new series, I saw these guys 4 years ago at the queen elizabeth here in Vancouver and of course watched the series religiously.

    Time to download some old episodes of KITH and get really psyched for this.

    Great post Cory!

  2. Cool!

    I was in their studio audience a few times when I was a kid.

    On Tuesday I move into an industrial studio (St. Nicholas St.) that just happens to be across the hall from the Kids in the Hall’s practice studio and offices. There are still some old props from KITH as well as other CBC shows still in there (actually there was a Gemeni statue (Canadian Emmy) just sitting in the corner hahah!

  3. Was never really impressed with Kids in the Hall.

    Codco, on the other hand, was most awesome, as is This Hour Has 22 Minutes (which is mostly the same people).

  4. I’ve seen them live twice, and both shows were let-downs because of fans reciting dialogue before the actors could deliver it. So I’m looking forward to this next TV endeavour.

    What someone needs to do is ask Mark McKinney in an interview someday, about his work on the 6-episode series DYNAMAN, which was a precursor to both Power Rangers and Mystery Science Theater 3000. McKinney did some voice work on it, and apparently some writing too. I’m guessing that show got pulled off the air because of the use of pop songs in the fight scenes, with no mention of those songs in the credits, so someone probably didn’t get clearance. But I recommend anyone look up clips on YouTube, especially the “Lucky Pierre” episode.

  5. Thanks for the alert. I’m in NYC and I miss the CBC. Why can’t we get DirecTV and others to carry one lousy Canadian channel?

  6. I love how they’re in my town and a bunch of friends are gettin in the show as extras and stuff.

  7. Odd that they aren’t current with current with that InterWeb thing.

    Paul Chato worked in electronic media for the CBC and then for a game developer.

    At least one of them is hip to this stuff.

  8. Does this mean that Tavie has finally forgiven Cory Doctorow for not crediting her for a link last month?

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