One year walk/beard grow time lapse video

Christoph Rehage spent a year walking across China. On his way, he took photos of his face every day and made this time-lapse video. These kind of videos have been around for a long time, but Rehage's is the best I've seen, because of the interesting backgrounds and the way he integrates bits of moving video with the still images.

The Longest Way 1.0 - one year walk/beard grow time lapse (Via VSL)


  1. I agree, very impressive. I couldn’t help but wonder, how many people can honestly say that they were able to accomplish something this memorable in their life time?

    You only live once, don’t waste it do something.

  2. wow. that was really cool. he has beautiful eyes in some shots…i think he is handsome with longer hair and mid beard. Very well done!

  3. Who in the hell can spend an entire year walking across China? Forget the beard, let’s get this guy a razor and a job interview.

    Ok, you’re right, I’m jealous.

  4. This is great! Makes me want to do more traveling. I love how he included the people he met along the way.

  5. Turns out, the opposite of schadenfreude is glückschmerz. That is exactly what I feel for Mr. Footloose-and-family-free-looks-better-after-three-thousand-miles-than-I-have-EVAR. Punk.

  6. loved both the video and the guy (he looked the best somewhere in between shaven and bearded. the trip must have been awesome!

  7. When first I saw that a few months ago I was struck by one frame labelled ‘Heartbreak’ or something similar. I think there’s a whole subplot going on during the course of that walk.

  8. Well done. But I’m with brokebutstilldrinking; I wonder how he managed to spend the year doing this without worrying about food, debts, or a career. I wish his travel journal was still available to fill us in on his sense of freedom.

  9. No need to hate. Rehage doesn’t seem to be a trustafarian (per his website, “I broke my ass for a lifetime saving, planning and dreaming. I worked, sacrificed and do not take luxuries while traveling”); and even if he is, so what, most trustafarians don’t do things nearly as awesome.

    This is a quintessentially a wonderful thing. What is the German word for feeling happy upon learning of the good fortune of others?

  10. Great video, really well edited! And, er, I’m sure the trip was awesome too ;) What I love about this is the thought that there must also be a lot of footage of him turning around to go and pick the camera back up out there!

  11. Napsterista: That isn’t Christoph’s website, though quite similar in nomenclature. The one you are referring to is, no doubt, a great resource and well put together.

    However, the former even relates to Rahage with a question “Is he a great traveler?” Renage’s purported url is thelongestway dot com while you now know he google result of your mention.

  12. @anon #20

    Thanks very much for the clarification. There are, apparently, a more people walking around the world like this than I would’ve thought. Bonus awesome.

  13. AMAZING! You’re an inspiration for going out and doing the impossible! You made a damn good video of it too :)

    Any next adventures planned?

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