Dude gags on dead frog (or toad?) floating in Pepsi can

Say what you will about Mark's grody kombucha, but it does not contain floaty dead amphibians: Frog or toad found in Pepsi can, FDA says


  1. At work we had a 1.25lt bottle of Pepsi Max at had a fungus growing in it. We left it for a few days after it was first found and the fungus grew larger. Needless to say I very rarely have softdrink now.

  2. But was it the finest baby frog, dew-picked and flown from Iraq, then lightly killed? (From memory, I swear.)

    Perhaps the community can help me: how many w’s in Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!?

  3. This reminds me of the time I found a lock of hair in my Snapple. Which thankfully I didn’t drink since I gave it to my friend not knowing the hair was in there.

  4. Secret recipe and the reason for the amphibian extinction event revealed in one fell swoop.

    Soylent Green is PEOPLE!
    And Pepsi is FROGS!
    And Pork Rinds are, oh, just what it says on the ingredients. Ew.

  5. Wrong, wrong, wrong, BB.

    The facts from the story:
    The FDA confirms a Florida couple gave them some frog or toad residue.

    The Florida couple claims it was in a soda can.

    The Florida couple wants money from Pepsi.

  6. there was some guy in albany, NY who “found” a snake head in his dinner at TGIFridays last year… funny how it wasnt cooked and was also lacking organs…some herpetophobe is eviscerating a lot of animals and placing them in our food supply!

    has no one learned anything from “strange brew”?
    it has to be a MOUSE in your BEER!

  7. this video is from the early 90s.

    the similarities are chilling.

    if only we’d paid closer attention…

    (forward to 1:37)

  8. @16- Why? Millions upon millions of cans of pepsi. One frog.
    Might as well declare you’ll never cross the road because you read about someone getting run over.

    Of course, if you happen to notice that diet pepsi tastes godawful anyhow, that’s a different matter.

  9. Fungus, sure. A softdrink would provide all the nutrients for a fungus to grow. Frogs, mice, and all the other fauna that scammers claim to find … um, no. I suppose one is meant to believe that they got in while they were much smaller and thrived and grew in the soda?

  10. I’m calling shenanigans on the frog thing.

    The way they fill them, it’s just about impossible.

    Thanks for the Monty Python references, I needed a good laugh to start my morning.
    Also, thanks #18, that’s my favorite line.

  11. sorry to demystify. it’s not a frog, but it is biological matter, in the form of cellulose. Corn syrup is derived from corn. concentrated, it forms a solid substance, that resembles…well… loose poop. In my short charge as “ice cream dispensory worker” at baskin robbins, it was my job one day to figure out why the coke machine wasn’t giving any more soda. I discovered that there was a massive solid in the middle of the hose connecting the soda water to the flavoring element (that part they dump the syrup in) of the soda. The hose was completely clogged with the solid brown matter. When we stomped on the hose, the chunk shot out about 50 feet. it was perfectly cylindrical in shape. so this isn’t new. they probably found something similar. It’s a hose backfire is all it is.

  12. FTA: “But the DeNegris say they’re hopping mad over Pepsi’s handling of the matter.”

    Really? Direct quote?

  13. Today I got a can Pepsi from carriage house in Westminster ,Md .My boyfriend open the can and drink it right away and said it tasted funny and told me to taste it it was discussing the taste was indescribable.I told him to put in a cup and a big bug came out .I called Pepsi toll free number talk to a lady and she only wanted to give me coupon’s.I said NO THANKS.I loved Pepsi and my family also but sorry to say I will never drink Pepsi ever again.

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