HOWTO make ice-cream gyoza


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  1. BusinessSavage says:

    this looks really awesome. mmmmmrrmm
    @JTEGNELL: I think EVERYTHING is Chinese, if we can date it back far enough ;-)

  2. Avram / Moderator says:

    Apoxia @1, you may want to do a bit of reading before you eat your next raw egg.

  3. rwmj says:

    “Gyoza press”?? I make gyoza by folding and shaping the gyoza skins with my hands …

  4. Anonymous says:

    i’m surprised eggless cookie dough recipes aren’t more popular, since eating raw dough is one of life’s greatest pleasures. there are a ton of great recipes out there! i’m fortunate enough to live with a vegan baker, so…MMM

  5. kaiza says:

    @1-Apoxia – Um, is that right?

    Also, I’ve never understood what seems to be a US-centric fascination with cookie dough. I mean, sure, I lick the bowl when I make cookies, but I’d rather the dough be turned into cookies…

  6. EggyToast says:

    New Zealand has Salmonella. The interior of raw eggs do not.

    Almost all salmonella is in the live chicken. There’ve been studies, and only 0.003% of raw eggs contain any salmonella:

  7. Anonymous says:

    salmonella are usually on the outside of the egg, seldom on in the egg/yolk/white itself. and if youre still worried, just dont eat the raw dough..
    also, gyoza, contrary to the chinese jiaozi, use a bit different ingredients. true tho, never heard of a gyoza-press ..

  8. Anonymous says:

    The CDC says that salmonella can be found in eggs ( I just use the Davidsons eggs so I don’t have to worry about getting sick.

  9. kib says:

    Gyoza should be deep-fried. These are no exception! Fry ‘em up!
    @#3: I loved that :)

  10. Anonymous says:

    If you wanted me to enjoy this attractive food concept story, you should not have followed it with the one about the guy who climbs into outhouse pits. I’m thinking of skipping lunch and dinner now… :-P

  11. karengeier says:

    please follow this up with a recipe for homemade mochi ice!

  12. TheWillow says:

    @ #6 1) instant gratification. 2)it’s yummy and has a cool texture/flavour that is very different from baked cookies.

  13. apoxia says:

    They look lovely, simple but effective.

    I feel sorry for those whose eggs may have salmonella. We don’t have salmonella in eggs in New Zealand, we can have all the uncooked eggs we want!

  14. jtegnell says:

    Gyoza aren’t Japanese. They’re Chinese. Even Japanese will admit this, as difficult as it may be to believe.

    Gyoza is just the Japanese word for it.

  15. Crispinus211 says:

    I always fill my depression with ice cream!

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