Skeleton Dance cartoon from 1929

The Skeleton Dance is a delightful 1929 cartoon directed by Ub Iwerks for Disney. A close friend/collaborator of Walt Disney for many years, Iwerks is arguably the "true creator" of the Mickey Mouse character. He later took a job at Columbia and reimagined The Skeleton Dance in color as Skeleton Frolic (1937). I much prefer the original. I posted about it a few years ago, but the video I linked to then was yanked. Bastards. (Thanks, Takuan!)


  1. never ceases to amaze me how many people all around the planet can remember the same classic cartoons they grew up with.

  2. At around the same time as this cartoon, the Fleischers were making films that were even more surreal and fun than anything Disney ever attempted…

    Swing, You Sinners
    (Scroll to the bottom of the page for the video)

  3. My kids love that one. Disney Channel used to have a show call “The Ink and Paint Club” that would show all those old Silly Symphonies.

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