Patriotic donut holes and cakes commemorating 9/11


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  1. benher says:

    This is the worst 9-11 ever.

  2. Anonymous says:

    is it just me? or do these donut holes appear to have blood stains on them? i guess they ARE patriotic!

  3. mdh says:

    this complete lack of consideration for all those people

    Way to show consideration for those of us who do try, ya smug anonymous pr***.

  4. IWood says:

    #10 posted by mdh:

    Thank you.

  5. Daemon says:

    I find it amusing that “patriotic” is the new “gourmet”.

  6. ArghMonkey says:

    Donut holes? oh wait, you mean Timbits! gotcha, carry on! …

  7. Takuan says:

    surely there is a middle ground between prickiness and prickliness? Set your feet to accomplish your purpose.

  8. redpiller says:

    @10 You don’t need consideration, the innocent people who have died do. Why should you be commended for not buying into propaganda? The number of people who don’t consider the tragic deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians post 9-11 is much, much higher than those that do. Therefore, #9′s post is completely valid and shouldn’t be criticized for stepping on your oh-so touchy toes.

    Basically, you are telling not to talk about the giant elephant in the room. Way to go, gov. yes man.

  9. coldspell says:

    Nobody wants blue balls.

  10. Amsterdaam says:

    My god, they look like blood-soaked snowballs.

  11. Anonymous says:

    what’s patriotic about a donut? =S
    same crap like those freedom fries ROFL

  12. Jason Rizos says:

    That’s actually a reproduction of the C-4 plastic explosives and detonator paste used by the CIA to buckle the support beams of the towers.

    I would have used a white chocolate ganache, but to each his own I guess.

  13. DarthVain says:


    There is a special place in hell for these people. Same goes for the exploitative jerks who make the “commemorative coins and plates”…

  14. SamSam says:

    These commemorate 9/11, how..? By resembling bloody chunks of flesh from the bodies of the dead?

  15. mdh says:

    “donut” being a euphemism?

  16. Anonymous says:

    it says best used by 07/03/09 – i would say has more to do with 4th of july than 9/11

  17. Anonymous says:

    #13, #9 is not asking for personal consideration.

  18. Drecks says:

    Not that it makes it more appetizing for actual eating, but those donut holes appear to have been made for the 4th of July, not “Patriot Day” as the use by date on the package is 7/3/09.

    Or, I suppose, it’s a supermarket that is really forward thinking and leaves items on their shelf for a really long time.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile, the world is still waiting for some cakes commemorating the hundreds thousands Iraqi and Afghan deaths.
    Condolences to the Americans who suffered those tragic deaths, nonetheless I find disgusting this complete lack of consideration for all those people (roughly 100 times the American deaths on 9/11, or more) who were attacked and killed using 9/11 as a pretext.

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