Wrecking Ball: your Friday upbeat jangly great pop song

Holy cats am I ever enjoying listening to Mother Mother's song "Wrecking Ball" (off their O My Heart CD) today. It's the kind of song that makes me want to get out of my seat and bounce around the room, then sit down and write something UP.

Wrecking Ball - Mother Mother

Mother Mother's site


  1. MotherMother is a treat live! I saw them just before they released their first album, and a little more recently in Toronto and they just keep getting better and better. Nice to see they made it on BoingBoing, they deserve it!

  2. Looking forward to mother mother’s return to tofino on september 19! always a good show. nice to see them here, at the end of the road in canada!

  3. Fantastic piece. I listened to it, and it reminded me of this Tegan & Sara song, “Living Room.” Also good to bounce around to!

  4. Their previous album, Touch Up, is in constant rotation for me. Its sound is a little folksier than O My Heart.

  5. As “Wrecking Balls” go, I much prefer Kuma’s:

    “Fast Colliding’s opening track, “The Wrecking Ball,” is a four-minute, guitar-driven composition decorated by gritty samples over which Loughlin laments, “Are there no dreams left for my sleep?/Are there no kisses left to keep?/Then please throw me out of the airplane/because I get to die… someday.” But then she comforts with a poppy, optimistic “You’ll get to die someday/It will be very good.” “Melodic Interlude” is a rapid-fire, sweet and sour farewell to a poisonous lover. “Welcome to Hell,” an ode to an apocalyptic ending, is a melodic march punctuated with a sing-along-inducing “Welcome to hell (la la la la).” Six songs into the 11-song disc and the hooks are already in deep. Of all these pretty songs, though, “Ruby” is the best: breathless and confident, piloted by sweet, lackadaisical keyboards and injected with sexy guitar throbs… These are the sounds my DNA would make if it had lips and fingers. AMY KATE HORN”

  6. My four-year-old daughter absolutely loves their song “O My Heart”, I like “Wrecking Ball” a little better myself, great lyrics. Saw them live at the Fabulous Commodore in Vancouver a few months ago, they put on an excellent live show. (And we got my daughter an “O My ♥” pin for her backpack.)

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