Search Engine's Jesse Brown: Boing Boing Guestblogger!


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  1. Paul Turnbull says:

    Search Engine is one of the best tech culture podcasts out there and Jesse is awesome! When it was announced CBC would not longer be carrying the show I made sure that my archives contained the entire run before they pulled the feed.

    Looking forward to hearing what Jesse has to post.

  2. bklynchris says:

    I, too, enjoy him much but never knew what he looked like, and DAMN he looks familiar.

    Eating cupcakes (w/sprinkles no less) in a suit. Now that is man who is secure in his manhood. Funny how everyone zoomed in on the cupcakes. Does that make us hungry ASDs? (OK, not everybody).

  3. ArghMonkey says:

    Im totally stoked, search engine was one of my fav podcasts back in the CBC days.

    I have to confess I havent been as stuck to the podcast since its move to TVO but thats only because of “drama fatigue”.

    For those who dont know, do yourselves a favour and listen to the last dozen or more of search engines podcasts with the CBC.

    I am hoping to hear from Jesse on Boingboing as to exactly what led to his show moving over to TVO, I have some theories, one of which goes that Jesse was doing the kind of journalism that put the rest of the CBC staff to shame, he stepped on one too many toes and CBC caved to corporate pressure, first trying to starve him off and finally cutting his program, if memory serves me correctly I think a CBC producer even came on search engine to try to smooth things over.

    Anyway, im stoked, STOKED to see what Jesse can throw our way.

  4. Anonymous says:

    JESSE BROWN, thanks for keeping me informed about copyright



  5. cowboy_k says:

    Whoa, I just spent some time this evening catching up on the Search Engine podcast, and now here’s Jesse as BB guest blogger… synchronicity, man. Looking forward to seeing what he has to say.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Why so sad, did somebody steal one of the cup cakes?

  7. Van Diemen says:

    All I know is, that is a brilliant photo of Jesse with cupcakes or something.

  8. Alys says:

    Yay Jesse!

    Search Engine is one of my favourite podcasts.

  9. Lisa Katayama says:

    Yay Jesse! You had me on your show last year, and now we meet again on Boing Boing. Welcome!

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