Ron English print from Pressure Printing

Pressure Printing and Ron English released this magnificent hand-stained intaglio print, titled Zembo Boy. The 4.875" x 3.375" print of English's hypnotizing painting is encased in a hand-casted resin frame modeled on an original antique frame. It's an edition of 100 and each signed/numbered print is $395. The Pressure Printing blog has the details on the creation of this work:
Image2 The image presented some unique printing challenges–Ron’s imagery has a truly socks-knocking, insane hyper-real aesthetic about it and we wanted to preserve as much of that as we could when translating the large-scale oil painting into a small-scale intaglio print. Similarly, frames like the one employed here were originally made to showcase old-style, tack-sharp daguerreotypes; we went through not a few rounds of plates attempting to be true to our sources, squeezing (literally!) as much fine detail, smooth sheen, and as many bottomless rich darks out of the plate as is possible.
Ron English "Zembo Boy"