Ariel: the unabridged, DRM-free audiobook of the classic swords-and-sorcery post-apocalyptic adventure

I've just finished listening to the fantastic unabridged audiobook adaptation of Ariel, Stephen Boyett's classic post-apocalyptic swords-and-sorcery adventure novel that was just reissued. The recording was produced by Deyan Audio, and read by Ramon De Ocampo who really nailed it. The incidental music came from Boyett's wife, Maureen Halderson, who clearly has a handle on how to produce the accompaniment to the much-loved tale.

Ariel is a natural for adaptation to audiobook -- a nonstop, tightly plotted adventure novel with lots of exciting, well-told combat sequences that De Ocampo just nails. And, of course, the book is available as a DRM-free download (Boyett's something of a copyfighter, which makes it great all around.

Incidentally, Boyett's holding a competition in which he's asking for readers to send in photos of their "ganked out" original copies of Ariel (mine's much-loved and has been read literally dozens of times), with the owners of the most beat-up copies winning signed new editions. Sweet deal!

Ariel audiobook

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