XKCD book is out

The first-ever XKCD book, "xkcd: volume 0" is now officially out and available. Part of the profits go build schools in Laos. XKCD is my favorite geeky webcomic of all time, and Randall Munroe, its creator, is a swell guy. I'm very glad about this indeed.
It's been fun putting it all together. It was neat to go back through various huge stacks of old drawings, some on the back of school assignments, and scan them at print resolution. I also had fun with the marginal notes. I'm really excited to finally have it in print, and I'm looking forward to seeing people and signing copies at the release events this weekend. I'm also excited about getting back to work on some other projects which have been on hold for a bit, at least one of which will involve lakes and a recently-acquired Arduino.
xkcd: volume 0 (Thanks, Arbitrary Aardvark!)


  1. i placed my order for it before it even showed up in the xkcd rss feed…. just happened to see it was availble.

  2. Hey, did my earlier comment about Cory and Randall’s mutual admiration get deleted? I intended “mutual love-fest” as a good-hearted joke, not as an insult to either man.

  3. Without the context of the whole cape thing I might think it was creepy. Still there’s a big grammatical difference between “mutual lovefest” and “mutual love-fest”, “mutual love” meaning what it does.

  4. As excited as I am about owning this lovely book….

    $15 shipping to the UK! and 5-7 WEEKS! – is it coming by blimp?

    $21 for the poor old Aussies.

    1. $15 shipping to the UK! and 5-7 WEEKS! – is it coming by blimp? $21 for the poor old Aussies.

      I had exactly the same experience when I bought Chopper Read’s books. Took forever and cost $20 bucks shipping for a few paperbacks to get here from Australia.

  5. @Antinous #9:

    Sorry. It sounded creepy the first time around.

    I thought there were disemvowelling procedures for that sort of thing? Oh well.

    To clarify to all: I doubt Cory and Randall actually have anything physical going on, but it’s been interesting watching their bromance unfold over the last couple of years.

  6. I just received the book. The “copyright” page alone is worth the price! First, it is a Creative Commons page (not a copyright page). Wonderful!

    Second, the little numbers at the bottom that tell which printing is current is a Fibonacci sequence!!

    I’m sure there are many other fun things to find here, besides the best web comic on the internets.


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