Chumby kits for sale in Maker Shed


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Or you can use it to build the ’790′ head from Lexx.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I read far too quickly at first and got “chubby kids for sale…”


    Okay. I got the Chumby Guts in the mail a while back and just got around to assembling the thing today. It’s electrically complete and works as assembled without the case. It took very steady hands, tweezers and some teensy screwdrivers to put it together following the page of clear instructions. After a simple initialization where I created an account, named it Beauregard and introduced it to my WiFi it’s operating perfectly.
    I have to say it’s really astonishing what these will do. It’s the simple, cheap internet appliance I’ve been anticipating for several years. Ican now have SOMAFM Groove Salad wherever I want to hear it!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Question on this. How much of a Maker do you need to be to get a lot out of this. Looks like a USB port is integrated. Any chance of getting an SD slot on there too. I’ve got a fun idea for this, but I’d hate to spend the money and be screwed. Also, it’s kind of an alarm clock correct, so can you dim the screen where the clock shows? Perhaps the chumby site will tell all.


    Do you know what this is? It’s every radio station on Earth and then some, anywhere you have WiFi. It’s free music and freedom from commercials. I’ve been looking for a cheapo WiFi Internet ‘radio’ device so I can crank SomaFM in the shop without having to tie up the PC. Totally worth $99. One unit spoken for here…

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’d ask what a Chumby is, but I’m afraid I’d just be told to google it.

    #4 is helpful.

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