Zombie shooting-range targets

Law Enforcement Targets does a handsome line of shooting range zombie targets, including several in inexplicable Nazi uniforms. Good practice, I suppose, for the forthcoming Nazi zombie uprising.

Law Enforcement Targets: Zombie Targets (via Geekologie)


  1. Anyone who’s read The Illuminatus Trilogy know there are hordes of Nazi Zombies waiting for us in the watery depths of a lake in Ingolstadt. It is for these reasons that I avoid large music festivals…

  2. I just bought the whole set and I don’t even own a gun! For $7.45/set these are going to make some great posters!

  3. Maybe the “inexplicable Nazi” zombies are a result of the target designers borrowing their art from some other source where the Nazi connection makes more sense?

    I don’t recognize these myself, though. Does anyone?

  4. As far as I can tell, the Nazi zombie motif began in 1943 with Revenge of the Zombies – wierd, since most of them were still alive at that point. Here’s the full writeup from Spookyland

    Just in time for Halloween…

    Mr. Spooky

  5. Interestingly, the Nazi zombie motif seems to have started in 1943 with Revenge of the Zombies, which seems wierd because most Nazis were still alive at that time. More on the genre at Spookyland, just in time for Halloween.

    How do you say brains in German?

    Mr. Spooky

  6. @1

    that’s what I was thinking.

    Have you not read The Illuminatus!, Cory? Definitely worth it, and cheaper than most other drugs.

  7. @ Spookyland:

    That’s a cool web resource you are starting. Thanks for the link.

    However, you might want to do a little more research. For example, in your first entry, “The Last Man On Earth”, I’d say Mary Shelley’s The Last Man predates Matheson by quite a bit. ;)

  8. You can also find zombie targets for sale at, of all places, zombietargets.net.

    I couldn’t see wasting money taking any of these to the shooting range and destroying them. I’d rather just keep them on the wall, so I found some clip art of zombies and enlarged them to print off on 11×17 paper. Going to try out printing off some District 9 alien silhouettes with the scoring rings and try them out at the range sometime!

  9. @Nosehat –

    Great tip on Mary Shelley’s The Last Man – I never would have found that one. Virtually unknown, for sure. Thanks muchly.

    BBs HMs are indeed the smartest gaggle around.

    Mr. Spooky

  10. Bizarrely enough, I’m listening to the Shelley’s Last Man as an audiobook right now. If you’re interested, it’s availible as a free recording from librivox.org. I have to warn you tho, one of the readers is….not good.

  11. Found these in the Sportsman’s Guide catalog.. badasstargets.com

    Drawings are fine and all but this stuff kicks ass.

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