Beware the Bearsharktopus

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water: the BEARSHARKTOPUS!

Bearsharktopus (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)

Update: From the comments --

Dean Putney, September 22, 2009 7:01 AM

Bearsharktopus is from this thread over at Reddit. The second top level comment has the original poster's octopus arm addition.


  1. It’s a result of bears eating salmon with high mercury levels. How do we stop this insanity?

    Too bad the Crocodile Hunter is dead- I’m sure he’d try to make friends with it.

    Or is this from a possible follow up to Creature, that dreadful Jaws sequel with the walking man shark thing?

  2. To modify the old joke –

    Two men at the beach are confronted by an angry Bearsharktopus. One man sits calmly, tightening his flippers. The other, incredulous, proclaims, “what are you doing with those flippers, they won’t help you out swim the Bearsharktopus?” He replies, “I don’t have to out swim the Bearsharktopus, I only need out swim you.”

  3. bears can run and climb trees
    sharks can swim and octopuses can sqeeze into tight places were boned unless we learn to fly and fast!

  4. Sorry everybody, didn’t know this creature was one of a kind. My neighbor and I, just returned yesterday. We caught it a couple days ago while on our yearly fishing/survival trip. It was delicious. Thought it strange, but we got hungry. SORRY!!!

  5. If the gov’t takes over healthcare, senior citizens will be forced to wrestle barktopus. Winners get to live another year. Losers…lose.

    True. read page 47.

  6. *imagines Chuck Norris fighting this thing, losing, and being devoured*

    *smiles quietly to self*

    *walks off humming a merry little tune*

  7. Chuck Norris probably created this thing in a dream and then roundhouse kicked it into reality. No way is it ever defeating him, never mind eating him.

  8. My hat is off to everyone who realized it was fake. We should round you all up to give you a medal.

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