500 Pound Planet: Chapter One


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  1. Jack Daniel says:

    Ah man, “That’s your decision right?”
    Lord knows how many times I’ve uttered those words :)

  2. Mr. Customer says:

    To be fair, visionary pioneer and pretentious nerd are not mutually exclusive professions. Suffice it to say that you were not as cool as you thought you were, which is totally OK.

  3. Jasonclock says:

    @4 Scixual

    Ok, I’d just never dream of calling Jan Svankmajer or the Quay Brothers “cartoonists”, god forbid. Yes, it’s all animation all right, but to me (at least) a cartoon is quite clearly a “drawing based” animation, whether it’s old school paper and ink or digital vector-based dito. But I’m not sure, English is not even my first language, so…

    Anyway I’ll stop bitching about this now.

  4. Jasonclock says:

    Am I just being a complete dick, or is there really a distinction between CARTOON and STOP MOTION that should be acknowledged here, at least by the creator?

    Cool work, btw.

  5. Nawel says:

    “Josh and I were your typical college film geeks at the time; we had just been exposed to Italian Neo-Realist cinema, Film Noir, Cassavetes- all that stuff.”

    I loved that paragraph. Very honest.

  6. Scixual says:

    Ha ha, Mcguffin ritual

    Re: “cartoon” — it’s animation, dude. Stop motion is just the KIND of animation.

    “Cartoon” has never been a precise word.

  7. Little John says:

    Jesse, I meant to comment in the thread on the prelude, but I , erm, got distracted (I believe that’s what the Internet is for).

    It’s weird animation, with a weird start and a weird connection to the other bits. (I kept checking to see if I were watching two different animated works named 500 Pound Planet. I wasn’t; all five parts are really of the same whole.)

    The ending was surprisingly satisfying. I’m still wondering about the title, though.

    Good work.

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