Bronx Princess Premieres Tonight on PBS

Bassam Tariq resides in New York City. He is the co-author of the blog 30 Mosques which celebrated the NYC mosques during the blessed Islamic month of Ramadan.

Bronx Princess follows a young girl from the Bronx, Rocky Otoo, as she leaves her mother to reunite with her chief father in Ghana. I saw the documentary last December at a small viewing and loved it! Musa Syeed and Yoni Brook, the co-directors of the film, have crafted a powerful and intimate story a young girl transitioning from high school to college all with the pressures of an immigrant family. The generational gap issues raised in this film are ones that many immigrant kids, like myself, can relate to. There is a trailer on their site, but it doesn't give justice to how good the movie really is. It's hot off the international film festival circuits and is having its nationwide premiere tonight on PBS at 10PM EST. Please catch it if you can.