Amazing video of girl barely missing an out-of-control car

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A 6-year-old girl very narrowly misses getting squashed by an out of control car.


  1. “It was definitely a Guardian Angel”… really?!

    Newscasters started to sound like troll commenters on Youtube…

  2. those barrier poles did their job, that is the whole reason the car doesn’t come down a squish her. very lucky indeed

  3. It’s an amazing video, but I had a pretty strong wave of nausea over the guardian angel stupidity. Really? Guardian angels? Why not just say Jesus put those poles there to save her?

    Ugh, the state of local news puppets…

    Of course, the same accident undoubtedly happened in some form elsewhere in the country, at least once or twice this year, except in those cases, the kid got mashed. I can’t help but wonder if the anchors in those cases asked “where was her guardian angel?” on camera.

  4. I had a feeling they were going to say something dumb like that, so I watched it with the sound off.

  5. “Ugh, the state of local news puppets…”

    I know you’re just venting, but the Today Show is national.

  6. Her guardian angel was some dude named “Larry” who did a very good job of installing the parking poles. Nice job man, kudos to you.

    (I’m just guessing at his name, tbh)

  7. The driver might be a witch.
    We need to throw them in the water. If they float, we drag them out and burn them at the stake.

  8. Ya gotta love american news channels! Everything matches the excitement of a sporting event. Let’s watch that again in slow motion! Here’s John Madden to show you the play by play… notice how the girl weaves in and out of the poles moments before the car!

    Imagine how great the news will be when they can recreate, in full 3-D holographic virtual touch-sensitive excitement, every murder and explosion that happens every day…

  9. A co-worker told me about a woman who was stabbed a dozen times, but the child in her arms was unhurt. “Only a guardian angel could have saved that baby.”

    “Angel didn’t do much for the mom, did it?” was my reacion.

  10. Am I just high from the cough medicine I just had, or are people getting legitimately upset over a passing reference to a guardian angel?

    It’s not like the reporter’s shoving religion down your throats, people.

  11. #19
    Just goes ta show ya… liberals are as touchy and easily upset as conservatives. You just have to find their secret buttons!

  12. Why is everyone so cynical here? ‘Guardian Angel’ just a turn of phrase – news anchors say stupid shit all the time. Ernie Anastos said “keep fuckin’ that chicken” on air! As a VERY ANTI-RELIGIOUS person, I’m blown away by how offensive you all find the word ‘angel’. Would you rather them say ‘she sure was lucky’? That is boring and makes for boring TV, some people in the entertainment world understand that colorful language makes for better programming.

    Francesco Fondi – keeping rolling your eyes and keep leaving your troll comments on boingboing, prck.

    sonascope – seriously? of course they aren’t going to say ‘where was her guardian angel?’ because that would be extremely insensitive.

    das memsen – your an idiot, this was not a story about death, it was a story about life, talking about recreating murders has nothing to do with this story – at all.

    ‘/the world’ – You are a tool. Just because the word ‘angel’ is in someones vocabulary does not mean they are anti-science.

  13. huh-huh-huh…matt’s trying to be funny.

    i’m glad that the girl is unscathed. my anger rests with the parental units without any concern as their daughter lolly-gags 10 feet behind them outside of a shady looking convenient store at night.

  14. those barrier poles did their job, that is the whole reason the car doesn’t come down a squish her. very lucky indeed

    Pipes jammed into (and maybe filled with) cement have nothing to do with luck.

  15. They turned the mics on mid-sentence and she was saying “accordion anvil.” It was a Wile E. Coyote reference.

  16. Anchorspeak in general is nauseating. If it takes a “guardian angel” anchorgasm for people to realize this, fantastic.

  17. TheKingInYellow @23 – Really?!?!? Your anger rests with her parents for allowing her to be 10 feet away? Would it have been better if they’d been walking beside her?

    There’s someone clearly to blame in this incident, and if you don’t realize it’s the guy in the car, then I don’t know how you manage to operate a computer.

    Good lord.

  18. i’m glad that the girl is unscathed. my anger rests with the parental units without any concern as their daughter lolly-gags 10 feet behind them outside of a shady looking convenient store at night.

    Man, I feel sorry for your children. The thick cotton wool and kevlar must get itchy, and I’ll bet they have chafe marks from the leash.

    Of course the problem is the parents, not the complete moron driving the car.

  19. Hey…I’m sure her parents could give a shit whether it’s a guardian angel, Lucifer himself, or Larry who installed the poles.

    Whatever it was that flickered through her wandering little mind and led her back behind those poles is whatever it was that kept them from having to watch their little girl die a horrible death. You can argue over what it was until hell freezes over.

    That IS the point, isn’t it?

    (by the way, had her parents been walking beside her, she’d be an orphan. How happy ass is that?)

    Some of you sound positively disappointed she wasn’t killed. sshts.

  20. @antinous

    Two, fully grown and beautiful women.

    I’m pretty sure they got 10 feet away from me at the store once or twice too.

  21. Sht th fck p wth yr grdn ngl bllsht.

    Otherwise, pretty amazing stroke of fortune for the little one!


    Enough security cameras out there and you’re bound to capture some f-ing AMAZING miracles.

  23. Idiot commentator: “She should go out and buy a lottery ticket…”

    Yeah, that’s how it works. Take that kid to Vegas!

  24. Last I knew, 6yr olds have peripheral vision and an interest in slalom. Funny that nobody is calling the girl “smart” in this thread, if there’s one thing people are not ashamed of it’s thinking that children are stupid.

    Plenty of religious people on both sides of this flamefest, I say.

  25. Sorry but I too have to comment on the guardian angel thing. If someone doesn’t die, it doesn’t automatically mean that god(s) are guiding it. If I step on ants but some don’t die, is a guardian angel saving them too? Bad stuff happens to some things and not to others. Why can’t things be random? Crikey!

  26. If boingboing’s readers were more right-of-center, they’d be bitching instead that the father needed an translator.

    Moral: Anyone can find a reason to complain about anything.

  27. No no, if her parents were holding her hand, she would not have been lallygagging in the first place.

    Mention of the angels isn’t offensive, it’s just dumb. It isn’t necessary to bring up metaphysics when those poles are installed for a reason. Why does it have to be spiritually related? Why can’t someone just be insanely lucky?

  28. Guardian angel, pah. Good poles, and a quick-thinking kid: watch the last seven of so frames in the slow-mo… the kids arms cover her face, she pivots 140 degrees, and runs like hell away.

    — goro

  29. Matt L. – Drink much? I’ve never backed into one of those poles. Not in 20 years behind the wheel.

  30. The blather about guardian angels is annoying, but the anchors are just trying kill time; can’t have dead air. What more do you suppose they had to say on the subject, presuming they knew nothing more about the episode than what was shown in the video clip?

    #32: Are you implying that childless people shouldn’t have an opinion where children are involved? :P

  31. #21 DAS MEMSEN

    What is your rationale for determining that the posters outraged by the idiotic term guardian angel are liberals?

    Did your personal fairy tell you that.

    Or are you conceding that conservatives can’t be rational, and life in a demon-haunted world?

  32. OK, I couldn’t watch the video at work, but now that I have, I note that the anchor said “boy are they there for a reason” about the poles. OK, the guardian angel comments undermined that message somewhat, but they did deliver it. “Stop complaining about these things! They have an important purpose.”

  33. That’s one video sure to pop up on Streetsblog tomorrow.

    What bugs the hell out of me is that this is the danger that really does kill the most kids every day, and yet we do nothing about it. I mean, we’re here talking about a “KID DODGES CAR, LIVES” story because it is the man-bites-dog story.

    But yes, let’s waste lots more breath on kidnappers.

  34. Definitely a guardian angel!”

    “How old do you have to be to buy lottery tickets?”


    Cheers to the little girl and her family. It’s a heartwarming story and all.

    But I must say I laughed at the sheer amount of idiocy in the news anchor’s off the cuff comments. Yet another nail in TV journalism’s coffin lid.

  35. Obviously, the only way to settle this is by throwing a million cars at a million six-year-old girls. If only one survives, then we know that indeed guardian angelship was at work!

  36. Yeah, you’re all big men when it’s a six-year old girl in the spotlight, but I’d like to see you turn around and tell Aleister Crowley there’s no such thing as a guardian angel. You won’t be so bold when he’s flapping his bony, track-riddled arms in your face.

  37. I think most of you will be relieved to know that the Today Show isn’t actually journalism. I know, it sure does look like news, doesn’t it? The Today Show exists to give homemakers a soundtrack between vacuuming and laundry. Stories like this use terms like “guardian angel” so techno-savvy moms know they should write up an exaggerated retelling of the event and forward it to their entire email address book.

  38. Car driven by person with a suspended license.

    IMO people who get behind the wheel on a suspended license should be thrown in jail. Clearly they can’t be trusted to not drive. Free someone who’s in jail for marijuana possession and put these idiots in their place.

    +1 on the guardian steel pole angel. Whenever someone doesn’t get killed, they’ve got a “guardian angel” but when they do, it was “god’s will”???

  39. I’m from Europe and really quite blown away how much outrage such an innocent phrase is able to cause.
    Around here “she had a guardian angel” would be considered simply colourful language for “she was really lucky”. So using that figure of speech equals religious nutjob in your neck of the woods? Interesting…

  40. Hey BoingBoing, it wasn’t the girl hurtling backwards & out-of-control at 40 miles per hour, it was the car. Please take care to represent your articles accurately. Example:

    “Amazing video of out-of-control car barely missing girl.”

    That said, I’m relieved that the girl was unharmed after this incident. Let’s hope that the damaged guardian poles are repaired soon & the driver is punished accordingly.

  41. “Amazing video of girl barely missing an out-of-control car”

    Can you imagine what would have happened if she’d actually HIT the car? It’s a miracle the driver lived!

  42. If only one survives, then we know that indeed guardian angelship was at work!

    Tch! It’s “angelic guardianship,” of course! Silly Jason! :-)

  43. Wow it’s almost like the bollards were placed there for a specific reason. Like to stop cars from running into the building.

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