Iqbal Hussain's Women


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  1. Zuhaib says:

    Some interesting paintings, to me its not the lack of dupatta itself but how its shown, and more striking in the first painting.
    Already you see a trend on Pakistani TV of “higher class” women not wearing the dupatta,, and the first painting to me screams out that divide that is growing in Pakistan between the higher class in losing tradition and religion while employing “lower class” women to do their work who are more conservative in tradition and religion. You see in the 1st picture the woman wearing a burka in the back with a baby bottle which makes you think she is a wet mother/maid.

    The 3rd painting, the woman in the orange gown screams gitmo to me.

  2. adralien says:

    @Zuhaib, interesting, also notice the 3rd person in the first painting, perhaps a child looking over the chair… mom may be pre-occupied/disinterested while the child sneaks a glance. Also, the only thing shown of the child is what would be revealed by a burqa.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i’m an art student from lahore
    i’d like to write a few words on you in my thesis for violence against women.
    if you’re interest please contact me on my id

  4. Bassam Tariq says:

    @Vinayak, maybe they were watching Jesse Jaise Kohi Nahin.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Interesting, I detect an influence by Portuguese painter Paula Rego, perhaps?

    Cool article!

  6. Marsha Keeffer says:

    They are pensive, grief-stricken and reverent – just like all women throughout the world. It’s a concept that the presence or lack of a garment (dupatta, burka or anything else) – has anything to do with a woman’s integrity, spirituality or honor.

  7. Vinayak says:

    Still more interesting, in the first painting, the women (holding a wine glass) seems to be sporting a Bindi, that too in crimson, on her forehead. Something that one would normally associate with a married Hindu women. Mother-daughter duo may well have been watching one of those addictive ‘Soap Operas’ from India on their Tv.

  8. MB says:

    Had a chance to see some of his work at his place in Lahore (Cooco’s Den). Highly recommended.

  9. creesto says:

    I just logged on to BB after being away maybe 36 hours, and I am digging Tariq’s posts: visual and visceral, and a welcome change. Nice stimulation with an edge…thank you!

  10. v.divakar says:

    Dear sir/madam,
    I am an young artcritic from india,at present working as the research editor of this is a new website on art,ideology and politics. i am very impressed by the paintings of Mr.iqbal Hussain. is ther any probability that i can get an contact no,email of him. wishing to write to him. can some one help me out. thanking you,

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