Sarriugarte and Mate's trilobyte vehicle


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  1. Nasty says:

    This is 1000% cooler than a segway. I would take security more seriously if I saw them coming on these things. Instead of just laughing and pointing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    But is it fireproof? Otherwise somebody’s going to get sued. Am I the only person that thinks that the front is reminiscent of a casque Adriane. Never mind, I am.

  3. Miss_Skittles says:

    if you missed it at Burning Man (and I did), Jon will be the Maker Guest of Honor at the Steampunk Exhibition in March… (and he’ll have it there!)

    @Nasty – agreed! I wish we could put our Security folks on those

    @mmbb – heh.

  4. batu b says:

    It’s neat….But TWO burning man related posts in a day?

  5. mmbb says:

    How wrong was it to think “Sybian” when looking at two of these pictures?

  6. Bilsko says:

    so would that be a Trilobike?

  7. efergus3 says:

    Very nice. But BLACK in the middle of the dessert? Can anyone else say “third degree burns”?

  8. jimh says:

    @ Batu: tis the season! And ONLY two is demonstrating considerable restraint, I suspect.

  9. David Pescovitz says:

    @Batu, And the funny thing is, I’ve never even been to Burning Man nor do I have any desire to go!

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