The World of Adam

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Adam Shecter makes whimsical, clever, stupid, pretty little blips of cartoons. He's been doing it for a while and has slowly amassed a fantastic Saturday Morning Cartoon broadcast from another planet. Have a look!

Adam's website (link)

Germans! Adam Shecter is exhibiting right now at the Bielefelder Kunstverein (link). UPDATE: New Yorkers! Adam is also exhibiting right now at Eleven Rivington (link).


  1. I like the sounds– it’s been fun to leave this on and just dig on them as a long, weird soundscape.

    Not so much interest for me in the rest of it, though.

  2. It’s all about appreciating the Gestalt of the images not the images themselves. My Guess is that it is all about evoking an experience shared between the artist the medium and in many cases ourselves. The images are symbolic only in that they represent images we recognize and have feelings for, not in a literal sense of course. Giraffes on a ladder in it of themselves mean little. But it is the music (more in timbre and meter than in actual tonality combined with the imagery, the actions it performs and the way in which it is given. PErsonally I thought the opening to be very engrossing.

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