500 Pound Planet: Chapter Three


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  1. hbl says:

    I didn’t like the intro. In fact, I flat out hated it, and wasn’t gonna watch the rest of these, but after watching part one proper, I really dig the patter of the two characters. I like that they inhabit this world which is partly familiar and partly bizarro. I liked how he complained about losing his hair. “I’m going straight from childhood to bald”

  2. ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive says:

    I think you’ll find that dialogue is much funnier when the expressions and poses are specifc and keyed to the context and accents of the delivery. Arbitrary stock movements are ok for a few minutes, but they become like water treading fast. The funniest films are the ones that have something to say with every aspect… dialogue, design, color, music, movement, personality, etc. But of course those kinds of films are more of a challenge to make.

  3. Anonymous says:

    absolutely love it. Hooked. Keep ‘em coming.

  4. dragonfrog says:

    Argh, curse Adobe and their lame-ass Linux version of flash player! I want to see these too!

  5. Tron says:

    Typo: “professional” should be replaced with “good”.

  6. Little John says:

    Jesse, the links to your 500 Pound Planet are infinitely malleable, too. The links should be more like:

    Prelude = …500-pound-planet-twi.html

    Chapter One = …500-pound-planet-cha.html

    Chapter Two = …500-pound-planet-cha-1.html

    Chapter Three = …500-pound-planet-cha-2.html

    Chapter Four = …500-pound-planet-cha-3.html
    (Okay, I’m actually just guessing on this one. I’m not really psychic.)

    On this post, you’ve currently got the link for Chapter Two pointing to the Prelude URL.

    (And your Ch. 2 post pointed to the Vimeo site instead of BB, but it seems you’re trying to conform to BB style with this post. Good dog. ;-) )


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