Anti-Cthulhu PSA for young netizens

I don't know anything about this PSA advising young people to stay away from chat rooms lest the cute boy on the other end turn out to be Cthulhu, waiting to take their sanity, but I certainly support its message.

Cthulhu PSA


  1. While of course people should be careful I think it is stupid to tell them that everyone they meet online is some kind of evil predator. I’ve met up with literally dozens of people from more than half a dozen countries based on internet conversations. Some were even young women. To date, I haven’t raped or murdered any of them.

  2. I remember seeing him(her/it) in “To Catch an Elder God”…

    Chris Hansen and Professor Armitage where quite disappointed to find him again luring minors into madness.

  3. In the Bethesda game “Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth” you get this condition called “sanity failure”.

    Everything gets increasingly blurry and forward movement is impeded. Can be overcome by using a trainer (Cheat utility).

    Brilliant game, regardless.

  4. Elder gods with many tentacles need love too! Maybe I, er, I mean He is just misunderstood. Did you think of that?

  5. Finally, someone is taking a stand against those weirdos in NAGOOBLA.

    They’re ruining the internet for mortal pervs…

    — MrJM

  6. Awesome,
    well not for stacy obviously, but for once, an advertising firm actually managed to do something intelligent


  7. seriously, what’s with all the hating? it’s like something from the 1920’s.

    typical fundamentalist right wing christian BS, what happened to understanding, compassion and a basic understanding of unspeakable terrors from beyond the grave?

    next they’ll be running the lame old bathroom ads ‘zomg mommy, there was a polypous interdimensional horror in teh restroom at school today’

  8. There’s a Shadow over Innsmouth!
    But since it’s a tiny fishing village, I don’t think they have any Internetz, so it’s okay.

  9. So, is His Facebook page called “The Wall of Cthulhu”?

    Reminds me of the Marella Sands story in the “Cthulhu’s Heirs” anthology wherein the Elder Gods, not wishing to wait until the “stars are right” in meatspace, hack into a WOW type VR and start rearranging the little marble sized stars up above that landscape.

  10. “Elder gods with many tentacles need love too!”

    Go find yourself a Japanese high school, you tentacle endowed freak, and leave poor, Caucasian Stacy Griffith alone!

  11. Oh god, this is funny. Anyone have a “safe for work” version? I really, really want to print this out and post it in my office since we sometimes get the other, really stupid, “every straight male on earth wants to rape your pre-teen daughter and we won’t even begin to think about what the gays will do.” type of PSA stuff.

  12. If I knew that was the way to summon a great old one I would have posed online as a 15 YO girl years ago.

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