Brain wave specs made from kit


I really like the way George's brain machine spectacles turned out! (More pics here.) He built them using Mitch Altman's Brain Machine Kit, available from Maker Shed.


  1. All I can think is that I already have the goggles…they were part of my Dr. Horrible costume last Halloween.

    Still, seems like a nice idea, been looking for a cheaper alternative to lucid dreaming LED devices which cost way way too much money.

  2. Ya, I told him about keepin’ his eyes closed. I’d read all I could find about it before anyone tried it. Before anyone even puts it on, I ask if they’ve had seizures before or suffer from ADD (apparently those don’t mix with brain machine).
    It was my first soldering project and hopefully not the lasy. Interesting to use, too!

  3. C’mon folks, this is a brain machine! You can drive with your eyes closed with that thing!!!! Well… maybe not. Nice project!

  4. the last time I used it I was actually having more real visions, rather than just patterns. It was like an odd mosaic of people/events…

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