Stuck Tic Tac gallery

 Collecting Stucktictacs Tictacs10-1 There's something pleasing about finding your last Tic Tacs wedged inside the dispenser and freeing them. The creator of this "Collecting Stuck Tic Tacs" gallery seems to agree. (Thanks, Dean Putney!)


  1. I actually find that anxiety-causing and have to free them immediately upon discovery. This picture stresses me out. There are FOUR of them stuck! UPSIDEDOWN!

  2. How is this possible? the basic rules of design have been violated to simply toy with the desperate needs of consumers.

    All I wanted was a refreshing mint AND YOU WOULDN’T GIVE IT TO ME!

  3. 1. Tic Tacs taste gross.

    2. We as a society appear to be scraping the bottom of the barrel for new Web-gallery ideas.

  4. Madmolecule: It wasn’t long ago that most web galleries seemed to be dedicated to cats, so it’s not like the bar was particularly high before this.

  5. When I see a bunch of them in sequence, they take on a certain poignancy… They were meant to be eaten and that destiny can’t be fulfilled without intervention on someone else’s part.

  6. Thank you boingboing… Really, Thank You. Why do I feel so relieved from my most inner longings after reading this? All I know is that I go to bed now feeling ready for life at the other side…

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