Signing off.

Jesse Brown, a BoingBoing guest blogger, is the host of TVO's Search Engine podcast.

Today marks the end of my guest blogging stint here at BoingBoing.

It's been awesome (for me anyway). Thanks to BB readers for letting me share my projects, interests and ideas with you. And thanks for engaging- the comments often taught me more about a subject than I had to impart in the first place.

Thanks also to Cory and Rob and the rest of the BB crew for having me!

Please keep in touch! I'm particularly interested in story ideas and freelance pitches for my podcast.

Email: jesse at

Twitter (link)

Podcast/Blog (link)


  1. Hope you come back someday, Jesse!

    Nice ending pic, btw. Did you need to straighten your tie upon reaching the branch?

  2. Shame to see ya go, I was enjoying the mix of Corys content and yours, maybe Cory will make you an honourary “boinger”? *LOL* yes, I just made that up.

    Anyway top marks for picking a guest blogger!

    Maybe next we could get Nora Young ?

  3. Enjoyed your time here, Jesse, and look forward to more podcasts.

    And to second ArghMonkey, Nora Young? Yes please.

  4. You’ve been great, Jesse! I”ve loved what you’ve brought to the awesome collective that is boingboing! Cheers! See you over at the podcast!

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