Zeitoun Book Giveaway Haiku Contest

Zeitoun Haiku Contest

By Bassam Tariq

Bassam Tariq is a Boing Boing guestblogger who is the co-author of 30 Mosques. A blog that celebrated the NYC mosques during the Islamic month of Ramadan. He lives in Harlem, NY.

UPDATE: We just got word from the Eggers camp that they will be providing us signed copies of Zeitoun! Not sure how many we'll be given for the giveaway, but will tell you all as soon as we know. Also, there's a new deadline - tomorrow, Thursday at 7 AM PST. We'll announce winners this Friday! It'll be hard to top zombie haikus, but let's try!

Zeitoun is a critically acclaimed non-fiction book written by Dave Eggers. Boing Boing has made a post on the book before. I could go on for hours on how great this book is, but have decided instead to giveaway a couple of new copies I have in my apartment. The Boing Boing crowd is an intelligent one, but are they poets?

Write a Haiku in the comments section on why you deserve a copy of Zeitoun. Aman and I will look through them and choose the top ones. We'll package them nicely and mail them out asap.

I'll be the sacrificial lamb to help get this started -

Zeitoun is his name
Rowing a boat is his game
I like arab food. 

Here's another example -

I am a bigot
Who reads Boing Boing everyday
I'm hoping to change

See? It's not that hard. I came up with these in the matter of seconds (and it shows). Let's have some fun!

Published 11:40 am Tue, Sep 29, 2009

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About the Author

Bassam Tariq is an independent filmmaker. His first feature, THESE BIRDS WALK, will be released in theatres this November by Oscilloscope Laboratories.

397 Responses to “Zeitoun Book Giveaway Haiku Contest”

  1. mr.moncrief says:

    Who will judge these posts?
    Surely someone glorified
    with time apleanty.

  2. fieldofbutter says:

    hops, barley and malt
    essential to existence
    the hammock swings slow

  3. Sug4rFree says:

    I am from Scotland
    Where the hell is New Orleans
    Who is Dave Eggers

  4. lasttide says:

    The water rises
    The shotgun warm in my hand
    Flood zombie heads ‘plop’

  5. Tdawwg says:

    The ubiquitous
    waters flood. Citizens drown:
    sad, iniquitous.

  6. finalist says:

    words evoke pictures
    mind to keys to screen to mind
    something … something … rats.

  7. Tdawwg says:

    Global warming’s first
    ruined city. A great book:
    cold consolation?

  8. Value Pack says:

    My therapist said
    This book would be good for me
    But I am flat broke

  9. samizdada says:

    the books on my shelves
    breed like hangers in closets
    but never enough

  10. fieldofbutter says:

    somewhat heartbreaking
    the velocity of you
    the leaving of me

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sir David Eggers
    author of five decent books
    and one masterpiece

  12. HMNA (Haiku Master of North America) says:

    The H.M.N.A.
    Humbly requests a copy
    Really? He needs one

  13. Anonymous says:

    Born to Arkansans
    Raised by a television
    Zeitoun Autumn

    -Joe Ford

  14. SoyChemist says:

    No rights for victims
    FEMA director eats steak
    They treat us like dogs

  15. fieldofbutter says:

    garden gnome aflame
    glowing fur-clad girls on bikes –
    burning man flashback

  16. rvn says:

    I hope you’ll read this
    another shitty haiku
    one more drop in sea

  17. fieldofbutter says:

    Jacques Derrida said
    something very meaningful
    or was it Lacan

  18. Billy Gay Cyrus says:

    It is late tonight
    This head throbs with discomfort
    Book please be my friend

  19. rvn says:

    the water is rising
    must go back for my books
    glub glub glub glub glub

  20. HMNA (Haiku Master of North America) says:

    American Dream
    Anti-American Dream

  21. lee09 says:

    While in New Orleans
    I saw a vid about this.
    I want to read more.

  22. That Neil Guy says:

    I have been reading
    Too many Doctor Who books
    I crave quality

  23. Anonymous says:

    paddle through surface
    reflections break, ripple light
    alone on water

  24. HMNA (Haiku Master of North America) says:

    Chain link fences bloon
    As putrid water rises
    The autumn mace blows

  25. rvn says:

    millions of faces
    petals on a wet black bough
    yes i plagiarized

  26. Anonymous says:

    A lifeboat hero
    Terrorized by Bush Admin
    Zeitoun in Zeittown

  27. desipoet says:

    Afloat in syllables
    Zeitoun’s woes come ashore
    Good job, Eggers!

  28. rvn says:

    read this book aloud
    on every street corner
    the truth must be told

  29. desipoet says:

    One man’s despair
    After the hurricane left
    A nation grieves

  30. samizdada says:

    as drops fill buckets
    so do refugees return
    to damaged homelands

  31. dhelling says:

    The pond has no walls
    Zeitoun jumps in his canoe
    Is there an echo?

  32. Tdawwg says:

    Sci-fi has come true.
    We’re living in the future
    now: dystopian.

  33. rvn says:

    on Lake Pontchartrain
    the people live hand to mouth
    in silent poverty

  34. roryrhorerton says:

    I don’t know this book
    But I’m broke and in grad school
    Help me to look smart

  35. MrProven3 says:

    I want to read it
    Send it to my home address
    If not, library

  36. james113 says:

    A poor student, me,
    just wants to read a free book
    about a deluge.

  37. G9 says:

    Woe the funny man
    who becomes

  38. The Double says:

    I will not hold on
    to any book too firmly
    but I will read it

  39. rvn says:

    haikus don’t make sense
    unless you read them backward
    the hat walks–silence

  40. rkimmet says:

    Bush said that Brownie
    Did a real “heck of a job.”
    I say Eggers did.

  41. desipoet says:


    Camp Greyhound woes
    After saving lives by boat
    Good unfortunate man!

  42. MrProven3 says:

    Harriet Klausner
    already reviewed this book
    Send to me instead

  43. Tdawwg says:

    Worse than all of your
    postapocalyptic dreams:
    that’s how bad we’re fucked.

  44. showcasejase says:

    A heartbreaking work
    deserves to be followed
    with more genius

  45. rvn says:

    let me have this book
    and i’ll mail it to G-Dub
    when I’m done with it

  46. magicmonkeymeat says:

    Once I had money
    But sadly I went bankrupt
    Books cheer me up though

  47. David Weaver says:

    A McSweeneys Fan
    Remembers the time when streets
    became flowing rivers

  48. rvn says:

    lonely PhD
    swamped with Sartre and Camus
    needs escape canoe

  49. Yawp says:

    wrathful morning hex
    molten city spleen heaves up
    rapt disavowal

  50. lily_reads says:

    Haikus existing
    Alongside beauty provide
    Books for hungry worms.

  51. Anonymous says:

    I enter contests
    on numerous other sites.
    But Boing Boing has taste.


    A set of haiku?
    Probably lots of white space.
    Each post speaks silence.

  52. rvn says:

    i don’t need the book
    still have a rotary phone
    i need an iphone

  53. Schuytema says:

    Mississippi home
    Rising river claws its levees
    Must learn to paddle

  54. misformargaret says:

    I’m on a mountain
    deep in the Atacama
    please, send a new book

  55. kidflay2 says:

    A beard, A canoe, dog lover too.
    Literal,(‘cept last one).

  56. Anonymous says:

    A Dave Eggers book!
    And it has a short title?
    Crazypants. I want one.

  57. rvn says:

    i teach high school kids
    need i say more?

  58. driggs says:


    Begone bankrupt Bush
    Banished by brazen Barack
    Boing Boing brood beaming

  59. benbeltran says:

    It’s early morning,
    I’m feeling kinda hungry,
    Serve me some eggers.

  60. Fatastic says:

    My book shelves are bare,
    I am not educated
    Please, make me smarter!

  61. Bassam Tariq says:

    keep’em coming! this is great.

  62. e--- p------- says:

    In New Orleans, they
    needed so much, and still do.
    Send a book there, please.

  63. AlanJ says:

    What’s this book about.
    Will I bother to read it?
    Only if it’s free.

  64. Tanja Cilia says:

    I’d write a haiku…
    But my brain cells have withered;
    Just give me the book.

  65. ThisGuyDigi says:

    I can’t find Zeitoun
    at B and N in Park Slope.
    Didn’t try too hard.

  66. TheHikingStick says:

    There once was a man named Zeitoun
    Who paddled around in a canoe

    Oh, crap! It’s haiku only and not limericks.

  67. driggs says:

    Another Alliterating haiku

    Erudite Eggers
    Explains egregious error
    Empathetic ear

  68. sad dolls says:

    paper was a tree
    its all digital for me
    but not if its free

  69. wynnj26 says:

    Hated McSweeneys,
    but adored What is the What?
    Resolve this Boing Boing.

  70. zzzing says:

    Deep in David’s Mind
    Bizarre creatures luminesce
    Around his ego

    How ironic, the
    Succinct form of the haiku
    and then… Eggers’ prose

    Despite these insults
    I have decided that I
    really want that book

  71. jengillespie says:

    May I have his book
    Dave Eggers is my hero
    Need this mind canoe

  72. cort says:

    you, me, dave eggers:
    simple wandr’in bumpkins still
    paddling north-word

  73. rrot says:

    Amazon click-through
    Leaves surfer unenlightened
    Book’s no use unread

  74. lisandro says:

    Here in Brazil
    people are so very sad
    We all need Zeitoun

  75. DasBub says:

    As a canuck kid,
    I saw Mr. Canoe Head.
    Canoe Beard is next.

  76. talzaken says:

    Oh, Eggers. You saint.
    First a sacrificial lamb,
    Now you serve up truth.

  77. Sottises says:

    Buy the book, or eat?
    Please don’t make me have to choose.
    … A starving student.

  78. harryhood says:

    I’m wasting my time
    I know these don’t have to rhyme
    But I want this book.

  79. wygit says:

    Autumn is soon here
    Time for poetry and change
    If I am lucky

  80. Malana says:

    One hundredth in line
    at the local library
    Yes, I’m impatient.

  81. Tdawwg says:

    A man, plan, canoe:
    it’s Abdulrahman Zeitoun!
    (Not a palindrome.)

  82. Goorpy says:

    Staggering was sad,
    Velocity: crazy fun.
    Zeitoun will be fresh.

  83. lisandro says:

    Zaitoun? Free? Really?
    Let me read some of that
    So I can be happy

  84. valiantiris says:

    left america
    because of stories like these
    want to read more please

  85. MrSodium says:

    Zeitoun book give’way?
    Free books make the world go ’round!
    After, pass it on.

    Eggers, you crafty
    Getting us to read your book
    By giving it free

    Word of mouth is strong
    So you know that I will tell
    And they will buy it

  86. infidel castro says:

    the skull-cracking cirque,
    a swaggering zombie mess,
    what do we want, braaaains!

  87. Anonymous says:

    I live abroad.
    If you don’t chose me,
    It’s discrimination.

  88. goodpotato says:

    fond of the Boing Boing,
    lover of non-fiction, and
    greedy smarty pants

  89. mitchelka says:

    Katrina revealed
    fragility of normal
    we will all soon know.

  90. Ronin28 says:

    The world is cruel
    against the most innocent
    I cry

  91. Xeni Jardin says:

    Thread brims with
    sheer awesomeness of
    your haikus!

  92. mitchelka says:

    Society floats
    in such a fragile canoe.
    Storm clouds gathering.

  93. thisisnotatest says:

    we all deserve it
    no one deserves anything
    let me sleep now, please

  94. NoahApples says:

    the wind of McSweeny’s
    You’ve bought for your fans
    a gift for me, no?

  95. Anonymous says:

    please give it to me
    my mom said it was very good
    let me make her proud

  96. Tdawwg says:

    Floods of words pour forth,
    unflagging logorrhea:
    not water, thank God.

  97. thelittlefluffycat says:

    Spent the night before
    Katrina remembering.
    No forgetting now.

  98. M Ludlum says:

    Is It Non Fiction? Harvard review said Fiction. Dead and drowned is real.

  99. Xeni Jardin says:

    Hit Wikipedia
    to brush up on the rules of
    composing haiku! D’oh.

  100. talzaken says:

    I love McSweeny’s,
    But think Eggers is a puff.
    Prove me wrong, Boing Boing.

  101. Tdawwg says:

    It’s raining haikus,
    hope that BB’s levees hold:
    poetic deluge.

  102. jsdavidson says:

    wind and water and man
    blows through preconceptions of
    what it is to be

  103. ferallon says:

    Bigotry, for shame
    Judaism, my culture
    Not my religion

  104. mitchelka says:

    As the rain drops splat
    we raise our eyes in alarm.
    What will happen next?

  105. ikegently says:

    Katrina was bad
    Racial profiling is worse
    Natural disaster

  106. dnman222 says:

    Fresh, sealed up package
    Unread book waiting for me–
    Words teach when their free

  107. amoulsolo says:

    Storm water rising
    Abdulrahman Zeitoun, help!
    Crap, bureaucracy

  108. lake placid says:

    Floods down your alley.
    Three days, got water? what else?
    A good read for me.

  109. PacoBell says:

    Number six needs work
    The lotus is aquatic
    Hence no tumbling, right? ;)

  110. toddelsann says:


  111. frobnic8 says:

    I can afford it.
    Do not give me a free book.
    I am not worthy.

  112. wildeandcrazy says:

    When you smoke so much
    My lungs they hurt more and more
    The price of friendship.

  113. Zard0z says:

    Slowly pages turn,
    She radiates happiness.
    A gift for my wife.

  114. TheForager says:

    You Have Lots Of Books
    Why Don’t You Give One To Me
    I’ll Love You Long Time

  115. Anonymous says:

    thriftiness is key
    my bank balance demands it
    free book make happy :)

  116. Jupiter12 says:

    Wolf Blitzer observes:
    “So hungry, so poor, so black.”
    What did he just say?!

  117. Tdawwg says:


    Corrective haiku:
    most wonderful to see, plus
    nice botanic catch!

  118. mister parker says:

    I struggle at this
    count syllables on my hand
    workshop accident.

  119. driggs says:

    Variation on my other one

    Begone bankrupt Brown
    Banished by brazen Barack
    Boing Boing brood beaming

  120. JuliaD says:

    Swimming through water,
    Drowning in humans. This book
    better make me float.

  121. ghostpony says:

    Once upon a time
    Chocolate city flood
    I want to know why

  122. gstott2009 says:

    Hard rains gonna fall
    Let me hope to have the book
    To give me shelter

  123. cindileper says:

    Washed up ‘pon the shore
    His fam in a dry home no more
    Could more trouble await?

  124. MichaelM says:

    The paddle dips deep
    In the unsettled sentiment
    And rakes up the muck

  125. wooden_muffin says:

    Let us not forget
    what history always taught,
    the poor have no rights

  126. knnygns says:

    The flood changed the rules
    We took for granted back then
    Washed away our pride

  127. Maghrabi says:

    Raised in Bible Belt,
    And just moved to New Orleans.
    Want understanding.

  128. Anonymous says:

    sneak me a copy
    wrap it in pink panda paper
    to read in the tub

  129. ikegently says:

    Brown man helping white?
    He must be a terrorist.
    (Or he had a boat)

  130. heyomar says:

    Something free for me?
    Think outside the butthole please.
    I know how to read.

  131. technogeek says:

    Since I do not know
    Any reason I should win
    I doubt that I will

  132. cindileper says:

    Please send me this book
    I do need to be more learned
    Bout this evil world

  133. dabbondo says:

    Books are expensive
    Sometimes, books cost a hiku
    i can haz now plz?

  134. gh says:

    abandoned, wasted
    like a breath upon the wind
    hands beseaching sky

  135. sparkdale says:

    I choose to spend time
    remembering what went wrong
    to prevent repeat.

  136. Anonymous says:

    What if all books were
    earned for reading by challenge
    how many would languish

  137. Tdawwg says:

    anyway, so this–this is
    working very well.”

  138. holybuzz says:

    Roofs now riverbanks
    Kingbirds call from floating trees
    News chopper hovers

  139. simonbarsinister says:

    A storm is brewing
    We are all terrorists now
    Stuck in wire cages

  140. Cosmicamerican says:

    Cannot leave the house
    H1N1 threatening
    Bookstore out of reach

  141. SWetch says:

    Faithfully I read
    Boing Boing, in between books by
    Dave Eggers, et al.

  142. WizenedSage says:

    I am really nice
    Or at least so says my wife
    I deserve a book

  143. Anonymous says:

    If Zen is nothing
    How Can You Charge For this book
    We should all have it

  144. nosehat says:

    Eggers’ book looks good.
    But for haiku I’ll stay here.
    Zombie haiku rocks!

  145. aislefive says:

    Beggars for Eggers
    Did Twain have such marketing?
    Nor Hemingway; no

  146. scaryskeleton says:

    Water floods the page
    Your fair eyes save drowning thoughts
    Letters float in white

  147. SamLL says:

    The lotus blossom
    Tumbles from the highest branch
    Send me a book please.

  148. B.S.C. says:

    In a boat rowing
    He saved a lot of people
    He was arrested

  149. simonbarsinister says:

    Muddy reflections
    The familiar looks foreign
    In dirty water

  150. Tdawwg says:

    “Brownie, you’re doing
    a heck of a job,” George Bush
    said. Meanwhile, we drowned.

  151. MrXeno says:

    scared, helpless waiting
    homes and lives washed away now
    calm muddy water

  152. MinorThreat says:

    god damn it i didnt know i wazs posting anon.. that last one is mine

  153. ultraswank says:

    Row row row your boat
    I’m sure this is a work of
    staggering genius

  154. Jupiter12 says:

    Kanye West was wrong.
    George Bush hates brown people too.
    Well, ANY non-whites.

  155. chris2u says:

    If you think you can
    Write better haiku than me
    You are mistaken

  156. wooden_muffin says:

    Left for dead for days
    Then imprisonment and now

  157. JMike says:

    This was not the world
    My fiction promised to me
    Where are my jetpacks?

  158. DeadWriter says:

    books, ideas, life-
    are no good if held too tight
    spring growth yields seeds

  159. LeilaLeila says:

    It’s just a flood, guys –
    I eat zeitouns for breakfast,
    and watch some Fox news.

  160. Anonymous says:

    I just saw this book
    but was stuck on a sex and
    the city tour. BLAH

  161. FoetusNail says:

    Coldness descended
    In the heat of the moment
    Frost in the garden

  162. podalien says:

    In a quest for truth,
    learning the true story of
    our nation today.

  163. improvgreg says:

    Flooded New Orleans
    I’d rather read about it
    Than live it again

  164. charlotte. says:

    reading more eggers
    would educate me more than
    my life now without

  165. bed says:

    who is this eggers?
    please, can you ship it to me?
    i live in china.

  166. Pickle says:

    he who helps fellows
    is powerful, dangerous
    give and you get back

  167. Tdawwg says:

    The waters rise, the
    cities drown: the dead afloat.
    Homeland insecure.

  168. cooperjohn says:

    BoingBoing is chock full
    of Creative Commons news.
    Send me a book, please.

  169. runwithskizzers says:

    Dave won’t give up print
    I love Eggers for this and
    Other things called words

  170. bed says:

    i must block google
    to post haiku. like i said,
    i live in china.

  171. Tdawwg says:

    Antinous @307 in haiku form:

    Links will slow you down:
    “resubmitting doesn’t make
    any difference.”

  172. crazyMoppo says:

    Hiding from the news
    out from ignorance, the wind
    blows a book my way

  173. cooperjohn says:

    I prepare to write
    a nice haiku book review,
    but I have no book.

  174. nitinraghunath says:

    This man on the boat
    Evocative of monsoons in my town
    I want this real bad

  175. simonbarsinister says:

    Mission accomplished!
    A heck of a job, Brownie…
    What didn’t go right?

  176. Anonymous says:

    i am a muslim
    i helped after katrina
    they put me in jail

  177. JoshP says:

    575 R
    books, our are writ gifted
    milkweed fuzz in hand

    haiku takes me back to middle school, and ms. whats her name, and ms. whats her names haiku…

  178. droldham says:

    the roof is on fire
    cops dont need no water no
    let the M F burn

  179. ccrighto says:

    one haiku you say?
    in return, a book for free?
    sign me up, Bassam.

  180. jnm says:

    Unscramble the name!
    “Zeitoun” equals “Unite Oz.”
    What else does it hide?

  181. simonbarsinister says:

    Eggers saves people
    Eggers is a terrorist
    Eggers in a cage

  182. dhighman says:

    a heart-breaking work
    of staggering genius is
    my favorite book

  183. DasBub says:

    New Dan Brown novel,
    “Templar Summer Canoe Trip”
    all time best seller

  184. Anonymous says:

    Lunchbreaks are good times
    for haikus to awake
    and emerge on screen

  185. Anonymous says:

    Eggers is not funny.
    Maybe nonfiction different?
    I could laugh at him.

  186. Legless_Marine says:

    Olive the rhymes left
    Can’t prevent my reading right
    Because they’re the pits

  187. slemmy g says:

    Bush: Miserable
    Failure. Katrina AND 9/
    11? I shake my head.

  188. ProjectMcG says:

    Boing Boing, free Zeitoun
    and Bassam Tariq – fantastic,
    but missing zombies.

  189. simonbarsinister says:

    Old city, old growth
    Deep waters pour down the streets
    Revealing foul roots

  190. simonbarsinister says:

    No, better:

    Old city, old growth
    Deep waters pour down the streets
    Tearing roots away

  191. Tdawwg says:

    Louis Quinze once said,
    “Après moi le déluge.” He
    never met George Bush.

  192. sad dolls says:

    The future of print
    lying in his two big hands
    Eggers is the man

  193. itsvern says:

    Zeitoun? Amazing!
    Loaned forward, so others learn
    Now waits for movie

  194. mwilliamrice says:

    Hurting makes me laugh
    Not really sometimes I gaffe
    A free book for me?

  195. complicity says:

    This haiku is a
    heartbreaking work of stagger-
    ing genius. Wins!

  196. DasBub says:

    Homophony makes
    “Zeitoun” a greek comic.
    Plato would be proud.

  197. Cashmerio says:

    Used to row to work
    That’s when I worked at Fox News
    When I was a crab.

  198. DasBub says:

    I deserve the book.
    I’m a Nigerian prince
    living in London.

  199. JamesMedley says:

    have not been able
    to buy any eggers
    broke college student

  200. dmalcolm says:

    Our Velocity
    is Staggeringly Genius
    when What is the What

  201. amalgraafstra says:

    I created this one because everyone was constantly coming to the back door of my office, far away from my desk, and complaining that I was never in:

    This is not our door
    Our door is on the west side
    Your knocks go unheard

  202. Tdawwg says:

    “Zeitoun” also says
    “Untie Oz,” but what this might
    mean I just don’t know.

  203. Dwokoneseus says:

    The sun is a sin
    On the sky-mouth’s bleeding tongue
    which speaks us in two

  204. wooden_muffin says:

    Just spent sixteen months
    Rebuilding, still there in heart
    And mind, but broke now.

  205. cort says:

    red-eyed wading through
    unanswered rages, and still
    four years later: drowned

  206. bankshot says:

    Zweitoun is lovely
    now you must read the prequel
    it is called Einstoun

  207. failix says:

    I cannot believe
    I took the time to write this
    thinking I could win

  208. adam560 says:

    I don’t deserve it
    but life isn’t always fair.
    so how about it?

  209. simonbarsinister says:

    Lolcat in your boat
    Katrina took my capnip
    Can I haz book now?

  210. EEEE says:

    In a large book club
    Free book for me could result
    In sale of dozens?

  211. JordanF83 says:

    Who dat say she dead?
    My sweet N’awlins bouncin’ back!
    But we ne’er forget.

  212. dstrut says:

    Derelict and poor,
    Living on freebie pizza,
    I don’t shun handouts.

  213. BookGuy says:

    Damn, I just ordered
    my copy from Powell’s Books.
    Nothing free for me.

  214. DasBub says:


  215. SoItGoes says:

    Boat and water crest
    coupled with their reflection
    looks like vagina.

  216. michael13 says:

    Talbot Mundy wrote
    THE EYE OF ZEITOON long ago
    I want the whole thing

  217. mooch says:

    Read Heartbreaking Work
    And saw in the heavy book
    Somebody I knew

  218. Paperbagwriter79 says:

    I write. Eggers helps.
    He’s pompous yes, but takes risks.
    We learn by doing.

  219. crankarms says:

    My grandpa just passed
    He left me an old canoe
    Teach me to paddle

  220. Kelly Coyle says:

    “An awesome writer,
    Eggers is,” says Yoda. “My
    Children he can have.”

  221. ManageWA says:

    Can I afford this?
    school, car, bills, rent, food and net?
    I win, or I pass

  222. jonbrenner says:

    Prep the Superdome,
    It’s time for swine flu season.
    Here we go again.

  223. grimc says:

    “What Is The What” is
    what Eggers asked the last time
    Now it is just “Why?”

  224. Anonymous says:

    habeas corpus
    what’s that? i don’t speak Arab
    produce the book, the body

  225. Anonymous says:

    I knew a Zeitoun
    He was French Cute and Lovely
    I should read this book

  226. gramsci13 says:

    His precocity
    I shall otherwise not know.
    Splash! Nor the frog’s, now.

  227. Anonymous says:

    No money to fix
    Bad engineering design
    Fodder for Eggers

    EK from ABQ

  228. janusnode says:

    I love Egger’s books-
    I’ve read them all, except one.
    That lacuna hurts.

  229. Anonymous says:

    I don’t want your book.
    Who the heck is Dave Eggers?
    Send money instead.

  230. nath says:

    A new winter beard
    hides my frequent bookworm smirks.
    I’d rather not shave.

  231. Jack Daniel says:

    And the waters rose,
    The slick veil now washed away,
    But the band plays on.

  232. jonathanbruder says:

    The road takes a bath,
    inconsiderate primates,
    and you all complain.

  233. Anonymous says:

    Dave Eggers is like
    David Foster Wallace but
    for the dumb people

  234. cryptique says:

    There once was a man
    Named Dave Eggers who – wait – what?
    Oh … you said “haiku”

  235. dmone says:

    I ache for new reads
    My girl does ‘not love Eggers’
    I am contrary

  236. kez says:

    your mouth is moving,
    up and down, emitting noise….
    I’ve lost interest.

  237. FoetusNail says:

    Brook runs full in spring
    Thawing freeing hardened thoughts
    Names remain etched pain

  238. sumi says:

    with broken ankle
    walk to library not fun
    need new books to read

  239. Ella says:

    I’m from the U.S.
    But I forgot my English
    Maybe this will help?

  240. VoiceUXGuy says:

    voracious reader
    in search of new horizons
    embraces the new

  241. babybull says:

    I have no Kindle
    When reading my signed “Zeitoun”
    Paper suits my needs

  242. Moriarty says:

    There is more to Hai-
    ku than just writing seven-
    teen syllables, guys.

  243. Anonymous says:

    No jazz music but
    Lots of good water skiing.
    That what it’s about?

    EK from ABQ

  244. inter_baltic says:

    Levees are broken
    Foundations washed away
    A book preserves

  245. jcartan says:

    The waters recede
    Deeper problems are revealed
    Please paddle faster

  246. lizzi15 says:

    Librarians need
    so many good books to feed
    please give me one free

  247. mypalmike says:

    I am not a poet.
    I guess I’ll just buy the book.
    And not bother entering this haiku-writing contest.

  248. watman says:

    You there, and you, too.
    Can you not read instructions?
    That’s a SenryÅ«.

    (Mine too.)

  249. The Vidiot says:

    Living in New York
    My heart wanted to return
    to save my NOLA

  250. Amsterdaam says:

    One, Two, Three, Four, Five
    One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six… oops
    One, Two, Three Four, Five

  251. ManageWA says:

    The Syllables in
    Zweitoun? Three, I believe
    Makes competing hard

  252. rollinmike says:

    I don’t understand
    How’s this on BoingBoing without
    Steampunk nanobots?

  253. Sukeu says:

    My canoe rock’d with
    Giggles when I heard it: “Heck
    Of a job, Brownie.”

  254. ashleynorth//thewanderous says:

    all the day online
    now lacking inspiration
    unlike this haiku

  255. leslie999 says:

    Value of values
    A reader yearns for knowlege.
    Gift book, worthy deed

  256. das memsen says:

    what if i happen
    to bump into eggers in
    park slope, unread? shame!

  257. oboefae says:

    Hopefully this is right…

    احصل شهادة
    في اللغة العربية
    كتب يساعدون

    Now I sit waiting,
    wondering about grammar,
    hoping for a book.

  258. davidmarcillo says:

    Zeitoun and Kathy
    Stayed strong throughout Katrina
    Now fight for a cause.

  259. The Vidiot says:

    Living in New York
    My heart wanted to return
    to save my NOLA

  260. Anonymous says:

    A Zeitoun for free…
    A Zeitgeist developing?
    One can always hope.

    EK from ABQ

  261. Anonymous says:

    3 lines at a time
    my heart beats through this lens
    you know that book is mine

  262. JPW says:

    Bet bucks to beignets

    Those armed squads would not have known

    ‘Camelback’ means ‘house.’

  263. Noelia says:

    if time loops through time
    consecrate the dearly dead
    the surf left behind

  264. The Tonic says:

    I feel like asking
    Negates one’s entitlement.
    It’s a paradox.

  265. dubthach says:

    to float is to be
    leaves in the reflected clouds
    of rising water

  266. HiTek LoLife says:

    When the levy broke
    the chief said to his yes men,
    “Now let them eat shit…”

  267. jqpublick says:

    Zeitoun? Don’t know him.
    But is not knowing the best?
    This Egg-ers me on.

    Pun-o-rific, I know, but there you have it.

  268. stanleyk says:

    What case can I make?
    I’ve read nothing else he wrote.
    I don’t deserve it.

  269. mbrowlla says:

    The goat up my ass
    I do not know why it’s there
    It hurts very much

  270. Ant-honey says:

    Egyt New Orleans
    Mother Mary came to us
    Where the wild things are

  271. emmie says:

    New muslimah needs
    U.S islamic heroes
    Not freedom from cloth.

  272. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I’m a hero
    If I read Dave Egger’s book
    It will be of use

  273. Anonymous says:

    Good literature
    Should not just be limited
    To the poetic

  274. djsuflay says:

    We float through this world
    It is all so heartbreaking
    When one feels so small.

  275. Anonymous says:

    starships and swordfish sing in the rain
    reactive ants wend their way too
    sometimes mean & forever
    with lust

  276. waieez says:

    Writing Your Haiku,
    I’m gonna let you finish.
    LoLcats are watching.

  277. Anonymous says:

    Good literature
    Should not just be limited
    To the poetic

  278. TheAlexandrian says:

    Muslims on boingboing?
    Yay! We are integrating!
    Apple pie and fireworks.

  279. blackcatespresso says:

    The pulpy smell of
    McSweeney’s books lures one to
    their creativeness.

  280. elliotharmon says:

    I used to work at
    Dave Eggers’ nonprofit. I
    think I saw him once.

  281. The Vidiot says:

    oops, i posted twice
    it was that damn flash plug-in
    crashing my browser!

  282. rrot says:

    Winners determined
    By invisible duo
    Judges’ decision’s final

  283. UnrealMamaCass says:

    Sat on the highway
    Saw a dead man down the road
    Just wanted out, bad.

  284. Day Vexx says:

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    I ain’t much of a poet
    at least I can count

  285. ThomDowting says:


    Fingers lick at dyke
    water, water, everywhere
    No mans hands do hold


    loos’d lips siren song
    muddy water’s weight sunk ship
    bodies float

  286. UnrealMamaCass says:

    This was the event
    that woke me up. In despair
    I watched from the roof.

  287. seven says:

    almost all haiku
    are about water, trees, sky
    this one cannot be

  288. Ant-honey says:

    Make that Egypt

  289. rvn says:

    Bush still not in jail
    Ray Nagin reelected
    We never do learn

  290. improvgreg says:

    As a proud winner, I can’t figure out how to get my address to Boing Boing. Is there a way to even get my e-mail address to you without giving it to the whole world?


  291. Mishal says:

    Water is paddled
    and with bail rises. The aid,
    its weak and arrests.

  292. Subdrill says:

    I like Dave Eggers
    Cute girls see this on my shelf
    Everybody wins

  293. Anonymous says:

    please give me a book
    a starving college kid that
    cant count real well

  294. David Voss says:

    Sweet sharp smell of death.
    Your vortex of fear pulls me
    under a calm wave.

  295. grokstar says:

    Love to read good books
    Let Boing Boing recommend one
    Up too late reading

  296. Marsha Keeffer says:

    The man in the mosque.
    The woman breaking her fast.
    I am just like them.

  297. dfjacobson says:

    My feet are soaked but
    cuffs are bone dry. Ev’rything’s
    coming up Milhouse!

  298. sobreiro says:

    Send me the book, man
    Need it more
    I live in Brazil

  299. Marsha Keeffer says:

    We abandon those
    thought “not US” – be they from the
    9th Ward or Muslim.

  300. andresfelipesv says:

    The sand-coloured page
    Sees my young, curious pupils
    Maybe I’m a book

  301. rvn says:

    Eating a bag of Zapps
    The slow wait begins

  302. Leicentious says:

    A story that floats
    On the tears of a nation –
    Buoyant and truthful.

  303. jcartan says:

    Don’t pick my haiku.
    Don’t send me your canoe book.
    I’m just having fun.

  304. Anonymous says:

    As I write these words
    The smell of jasmine arrives
    An olfactory omen

  305. mimisurprise says:

    Hi, I’m a hero
    If I read Dave Egger’s book
    It will be of use

  306. DasBub says:

    “Bacon and Eggers”
    A guide to canoeing and
    pork, apparently.

  307. sobreiro says:

    That’s a 5/3/5
    Did you see?
    a true haiku, sir

  308. asplund says:

    That book isn’t mine
    Yet, I know it longs to be,
    In my library.

  309. shadie says:

    Fat woman doesn’t see me
    tells me I’m too small
    Want to punch her in the jeans

  310. Zagrobelny says:

    According to the editorial review on Amazon, a guard accused Zeitoun of being a member of Al Qaeda.

    I need to read this
    to know why Al Qaeda would
    strike in a canoe

  311. Chris Evo says:

    a conspiracy?
    Doesn’t matter any more
    don’t do it again

  312. Elistar says:

    I’m not a bigot!
    Well, maybe I am, but then…
    Maybe we all are

  313. timmer says:

    Eggers I know not.
    But if BoingBoing so choose,
    We’ll meet in my bed.

  314. Von Haus says:

    Can I have a book?

  315. DasBub says:

    Guy in the canoe
    isn’t steam punk enough for
    Cory Doctorow

  316. seadigs says:

    One little poem
    an entire book in exchange
    sounds like a good deal

  317. shahnaz says:

    What is this you say?
    I thought Zeitoun was just food
    Now it is a book?

  318. DasBub says:

    Stuck in Chinese jail.
    No canoe novel in sight.
    Portage my heart, yo.

  319. Sunny Fong says:

    Away we go as
    I am an Eggers slut so
    Dave, what is the what?

  320. mixonic says:

    Pixels pour in eyes
    Today in dust my brother fights
    I stare and wait, alive.

  321. hoffboy says:

    Many people think
    Eggers is underrated,
    But that is changing

  322. Branching says:

    Fourteen dollars saved
    I will donate to Oxfam
    Benefiting all.


  323. Itismemc says:

    Siting on the Pot
    My job to make something float
    Like the covers boat.

  324. Jupiter12 says:

    Ths mst b th frst
    dsmvwlld hk tht
    hs bn n bngbng

  325. phosphorious says:

    But does anyone

    Really, truly deserve a

    Book? Hell yes, I do.

  326. shahnaz says:

    (I take my hats off to #51!)

    Zeitoun I will read
    Like a butterfly in need
    Of sweet spring honey

  327. DasBub says:

    My solemn promise:
    If I win a lovely book,
    I will give you half

  328. nath says:

    Living in Asia.
    Valid in US only
    haiku contests suck.

  329. Diana says:

    Crabgrass eating

    At my yard like Gizmo

    Fed after midnight!

  330. Talia says:

    I have juggled knives
    while riding atop a yeti.
    That’s worth a book, no?

  331. doctor_light says:

    zeitoun, a hero
    illuminating the past
    helping the present

  332. Anonymous says:

    it rains on a boat
    there is a man with no hands
    one umbrella

  333. Lindsay says:

    I can’t seem to figure out which Haiku won this contest?

  334. DasBub says:

    Marzipan canoe
    will be made for you, my friend
    if I win a book

  335. martin g l says:

    On the first fall day,
    My paper reviewed Zeitoun –
    the praise fell like leaves.

  336. lazybuttons says:

    Some books rot on shelves,
    but were made for many reads.
    We practice sharing

  337. TheHikingStick says:

    The paddle dips low
    Nation’s promise defiled
    A book I must read

  338. khanson says:

    Dave Eggers is My Man
    and I want this book badly.
    Will you help sad girl?

  339. kevins213 says:

    Would read Egger’s book
    but cannot seem to finish
    damn Infinite Jest

  340. paboo says:

    Home sweet home no more
    Mother nature prison guard
    Weary hungry void

  341. bed says:

    President Bush hates
    black people, an’ I’m ‘onna
    let you finish but…

  342. Anonymous says:

    There once was a writer named Eggers.
    Who met a verbose group of beggars.
    In exchange for His book,
    To Haiku they took,
    In turn they received their free ledgers.

    Crap! I think I did it wrong…

  343. jsw says:

    no good at writing
    but excellent at reading
    (insert last line here)

  344. secular says:

    sex is my weapon
    i’ll sheath it for this battle
    to save my keyboard

  345. actualchad says:

    what is a haiku?
    can’t i just have a book please?
    i mean… WTF!

  346. That Neil Guy says:

    I spend all my cash
    On diapers, food and clothing
    I could use a book

  347. Casey Ryback says:

    Unemployed Man
    Infinite Jest too verbose
    Dave Eggers owes me

  348. Anonymous says:

    ‘the what is the what’
    oh, the heartbreak! the tears!
    sign me up for more!

  349. PeteLit says:

    Water everywhere,
    But nary a drop to drink.
    Zeitoun navigates.

  350. FoetusNail says:

    Looking for bigots
    Spring’s flowers were forever lost
    Changing minds never

  351. ChicoLaw says:

    Dave and I both write
    after losing a city
    Our words’ aim – “Zeitoun”

  352. luketheobscure says:

    Dave Eggers, you say?
    Went to the Pirate Store once.
    Best. Pirate. Store. Ever.*

    * With apologies to David Byrne.

  353. geiger_counting says:

    I ♥ W
    And get all my news through Fox.
    Care to convert me?

  354. ZTurpin says:



  355. talloulahspoons says:

    Eggers non-fiction:
    bleaching out made-up tales
    with his true bold beams

  356. joelbass says:

    A kind, courageous
    man, Abdulrahman Zeitoun.
    And where is he now?

  357. gabius says:

    I will not waffle:
    Zeitoun defrosted my heart.
    Leggo My Eggers!

  358. Erin says:

    I hate Dave Eggers
    and adore at the same time
    jealous perfection.

  359. mikealt says:

    I am so dirt poor
    Don’t own a library card
    please support the broke

  360. 45Visigoth says:

    Flooding and prison
    Not as bad as office life
    Try and prove me wrong

  361. Anonymous says:

    Let us not forget
    What history always taught,
    The poor have no rights

  362. cheezelady says:

    tuesday: i found my
    velocity just after
    breakfast. now, my keys.

  363. xian says:

    Bassam has gotten
    way more comments on Boing Boing
    than anyone else

  364. Anonymous says:

    Much goes on outside;
    tsunamis, town halls, unicorns …
    A book? Respite. bliss.

  365. cheezelady says:

    internal ramble.
    makes me feel better that i’m
    not the only one.

  366. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous post.
    Does it have a chance to win?
    Eggers’s camp decides.

  367. wooden_muffin says:

    oops! I just posted an anonymous haiku I like:

    Let us not forget
    what history always taught,
    that the poor have no rights

  368. BeccaScott says:

    Zeiton means olive.
    It’s also Zaynab’s bird’s name.
    Zaynab is my girl.

  369. DasBub says:

    “My canoe is fight,”
    I cry all day and all night.
    This book is my proof.

  370. whiskeypony says:

    i believe eggers deserves many more

    syllables than seventeen; he’ll get twice that ’cause i’ve seen

    his stapler drawings. genius.

  371. understep says:

    I have been sheltered
    Never seen true misery
    So I must learn

  372. Tdawwg says:

    Eggers has surpassed
    his youthful precociousness:
    congrats, a great book!

  373. shnikes says:

    One summer, Hell came.
    Hurricane counciousness reigns,
    dead humanity.

  374. treeflower says:

    i should get a book
    a broke college kid who cant
    count very well

  375. grikdog says:

    when you’re hot you’re hot —
    when you’re not you’re not —
    but not hot and not not hot
    is a bit of a stretch

  376. kmoser says:

    Flooding waters rise
    While my fingers turn pages.
    Damn, I want that book.

  377. timelyhandclaps says:

    compulsive reader
    but new to mr. eggers
    ready to start here

  378. Plenihimun says:

    Hey, moderators!
    Signature, spam, astroturf
    and copypasta.

  379. optuser says:

    No phone call he got
    several days with no shot
    at justice for all

  380. DeadWriter says:

    words flow as water
    pooled in books we share and drink
    thirst never quenched

  381. talzaken says:

    We may craft haikus,
    Bring beauty to Boing Boing. But–
    We have crap on Eggers.

  382. okalready says:

    They all felt the rain.
    It rose back to the heavens.
    Some folks swim there still.

  383. JHawk24821 says:

    winter coming soon
    I have fire, coffee, wool socks
    now I need a book

    Thanks for the opportunity, BoingBoing is full of win.

  384. kswilsonesq says:

    levees broke but there was

    no break in the man no break

    he canoed can you?

  385. lemonkid says:

    just waded to work
    in scummy thigh-deep water
    A green frog swam by.

  386. burlveneer says:

    Heartbreaking genius
    with a staggering workload:
    that’s me. Give me book.

  387. Anonymous says:

    Where the Wild Things Are?
    Turns out, Louisiana
    Zeitoun equals Max

  388. fieldofbutter says:

    a leaf turns to gold
    stronger breezes blow cold rain
    give me the damn book

  389. celandry says:

    Where they used to say
    laissez les bons temps rouler?
    On your knees, n*****.

  390. nerdberger says:

    the blight of flood or
    the blight of unemployment.
    help me to decide.

  391. fieldofbutter says:

    I do not frighten
    at the prospect of Zeitoun
    gracing my bookshelf

  392. yood says:

    I just student teach
    (I don’t have a salary),
    So I’d love free books!

  393. Tdawwg says:

    Die, you fucking pigs:
    drown quick, drown slow, I don’t care.
    Yours truly, George Bush.

  394. Frenk Melk says:

    to enter contest
    been too long-boingboing had to
    reset my password

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