/ Bassam Tariq / 11 am Tue, Sep 29 2009
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  • Zeitoun Book Giveaway Haiku Contest

    Zeitoun Book Giveaway Haiku Contest

    Zeitoun Haiku Contest Bassam Tariq is a Boing Boing guestblogger who is the co-author of 30 Mosques. A blog that celebrated the NYC mosques during the Islamic month of Ramadan. He lives in Harlem, NY.

    UPDATE: We just got word from the Eggers camp that they will be providing us signed copies of Zeitoun! Not sure how many we'll be given for the giveaway, but will tell you all as soon as we know. Also, there's a new deadline - tomorrow, Thursday at 7 AM PST. We'll announce winners this Friday! It'll be hard to top zombie haikus, but let's try!

    Zeitoun is a critically acclaimed non-fiction book written by Dave Eggers. Boing Boing has made a post on the book before. I could go on for hours on how great this book is, but have decided instead to giveaway a couple of new copies I have in my apartment. The Boing Boing crowd is an intelligent one, but are they poets?

    Write a Haiku in the comments section on why you deserve a copy of Zeitoun. Aman and I will look through them and choose the top ones. We'll package them nicely and mail them out asap.

    I'll be the sacrificial lamb to help get this started -

    Zeitoun is his name
    Rowing a boat is his game
    I like arab food. 

    Here's another example -

    I am a bigot
    Who reads Boing Boing everyday
    I'm hoping to change

    See? It's not that hard. I came up with these in the matter of seconds (and it shows). Let's have some fun!

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    1. 575 R
      books, our are writ gifted
      milkweed fuzz in hand

      haiku takes me back to middle school, and ms. whats her name, and ms. whats her names haiku…

    2. I created this one because everyone was constantly coming to the back door of my office, far away from my desk, and complaining that I was never in:

      This is not our door
      Our door is on the west side
      Your knocks go unheard

    3. According to the editorial review on Amazon, a guard accused Zeitoun of being a member of Al Qaeda.

      I need to read this
      to know why Al Qaeda would
      strike in a canoe

    4. There once was a writer named Eggers.
      Who met a verbose group of beggars.
      In exchange for His book,
      To Haiku they took,
      In turn they received their free ledgers.

      Crap! I think I did it wrong…

    5. winter coming soon
      I have fire, coffee, wool socks
      now I need a book

      Thanks for the opportunity, BoingBoing is full of win.

    6. I enter contests
      on numerous other sites.
      But Boing Boing has taste.


      A set of haiku?
      Probably lots of white space.
      Each post speaks silence.

    7. when you’re hot you’re hot —
      when you’re not you’re not —
      but not hot and not not hot
      is a bit of a stretch

    8. Deep in David’s Mind
      Bizarre creatures luminesce
      Around his ego

      How ironic, the
      Succinct form of the haiku
      and then… Eggers’ prose

      Despite these insults
      I have decided that I
      really want that book

    9. i believe eggers deserves many more

      syllables than seventeen; he’ll get twice that ’cause i’ve seen

      his stapler drawings. genius.

    10. There once was a man named Zeitoun
      Who paddled around in a canoe

      Oh, crap! It’s haiku only and not limericks.

    11. Zeitoun book give’way?
      Free books make the world go ’round!
      After, pass it on.

      Eggers, you crafty
      Getting us to read your book
      By giving it free

      Word of mouth is strong
      So you know that I will tell
      And they will buy it

      1. dabbondo,

        The system holds heavily linked comments for inspection. Resubmitting doesn’t make any difference.

    12. Hopefully this is right…

      احصل شهادة
      في اللغة العربية
      كتب يساعدون

      Now I sit waiting,
      wondering about grammar,
      hoping for a book.

    13. Zeitoun? Don’t know him.
      But is not knowing the best?
      This Egg-ers me on.

      Pun-o-rific, I know, but there you have it.


      Fingers lick at dyke
      water, water, everywhere
      No mans hands do hold


      loos’d lips siren song
      muddy water’s weight sunk ship
      bodies float

    15. oops! I just posted an anonymous haiku I like:

      Let us not forget
      what history always taught,
      that the poor have no rights

    16. As a proud winner, I can’t figure out how to get my address to Boing Boing. Is there a way to even get my e-mail address to you without giving it to the whole world?


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