Madagascar Institute's jet-powered merry-go-round

All aboard the Madagascar Institute's jet-powered merry-go-round! (Thanks, Benjamin!)


  1. You know, I’d rather die experimenting with a jet-powered merry-go-round than to go out in some senseless tragedy.

    But that’s just me.

  2. NASA plans to duplicate this for only $2.5 million as another possible shuttle replacement.

    Now THATS funny!

  3. So, the merry-go-round goes merrily round until President Madagascar gives the order to “SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING”…

  4. The jets are valveless pulsejets, which work like the old V-1 buzzbombs but without moving parts. The combustion chamber is the thicker part of the tube. All pulsejets (AFAIK) require airflow to get started. (V-1s were launched from catapults or dropped from airplanes because they couldn’t launch under their own power.)

  5. #14: It’s similar the starter motor on your car. The engine won’t ignite unless it’s already spinning, so compressed air is used to set it off. I guess a leaf blower is a handy source of quite high-speed, directable air? More on wikipedia:

    This is reckless, dangerous, possibly suicidal, hilarious, brilliant, wonderful, and a host of other adjectives. I love it.

  6. A few years ago the dreadlocked guy operating the ride from the middle blew his own face off building a confetti cannon. A couple years before that he ripped it apart removing a suspension spring without a spring compressor. So the sign at the beginning of the clip is not to be taken lightly…

    That aside, cool ride!

  7. ah, to be 11 years old again, like these guys.

    Really like the safety equipment used for this. I would have at least used bicycle helmets to give the illusion of safety. It would make their mothers feel a tiny bit better, when the flame from the first unit sets the rider on the second unit on fire.

  8. “removing a suspension spring without a spring compressor.”

    Ouch. I bet the $40 that a spring compressor costs looks really, really cheap to him now.

  9. Powered by equal parts awesome & crazy. I’m going back to do a belated degree next year – I think I’m gonna go hang out in the engineering dept & cause trouble…

  10. Was I the only one hearing the strains of Still Alive: “This was a triumph…. We do what we must because we can…”?

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