Today at Boing Boing Gadgets

Recently at Boing Boing Gadgets, we found a dismal PS3 Ad, Peek is offering lifetime subscriptions again, and Dell has a gorgeous wirelessly-charged laptop out. • We visited Mercedes-Benz's R&D labs: the 2010 E-Class is full of high-tech safety equipment (and odd textures) -- in a few years it'll practically be driving itself. • Gizmodo offers thoughts on the iTab: is it really a Kindle killer? • Palm's appstore isn't easy to get into if you don't like PayPal. • Charlie Brooker rants beautifully on the greatest dilemma of our age: Microsoft's awfulness or Apple's creepiness.. • Not all Windows 7 launch parties are stiff and artificially enthusiastic. Let's get swinging. • Behold! A horrid, pulsating tumor that plugs into your motherboard. • A $40 netbook? Not quite. Neat fact: about a third of Boing Boing readers use Macs, and of those, 21.28 percent have already upgraded to Snow Leopard.