HOWTO make scary guts out of expanding foam insulation

Here's a great tutorial (amongst many great tutorials) for making haunted house guts out of expanding foam insulation, paint and various bits and pieces.

Realistic Guts (via Craft)


  1. DO NOT get this stuff on your hands. I got spray foam insulation on my hands once and it was hell getting it off. It’s the only time I’ve ever seriously considered cutting off my own hands.

  2. @Brett –

    Thanks for the tip. I’m planning on doing a project like this, and will definitely wear some disposable gloves now.

  3. That looks like bloody shit.
    Guts are mostly gray tones. Unless you have a major artery severed. Then they may be kind of covered in dark blood.
    2 things I’d like to simulate: the spraying blood ala samurai movies, and gaping exit wounds.

  4. It’s the only time I’ve ever seriously considered cutting off my own hands.

    Looks like the person in the photo faced a similar dilemma, and well, we see how they chose …

  5. I have had good luck with expanding foam for guts, and here are some additional tips:

    (1) Wear clothes you don’t like. It will get everywhere, and never come off.

    (2) For gut-props that may have to suspend their own weight, spray the foam around twine to provide strength – unsupported, this stuff tends to crack apart.

    (3) It is difficult keeping most paints on the dried surface of this stuff – I usually do a ‘spit coat’ of liquid latex, and then paint after that has dried. it adds to the texture and feel of the props as well.

    Happy October, everyone.

    Mr. Spooky

  6. not meaning to bump an old thread, but i thought i’d just post this for anybody still planning to undertake this project.

    i must repeat the previous advice – do not get that foam on your hands. it’s literally impossible to get off; a major manufacturer of it has the question in a FAQ section of their website and advises you not to get it on your hands, as ‘there are currently no solvents available to remove [it]’.

    consider yourself warned.

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