Psychedelic Nollywood film about Satan

666 is a Nigerian film (in 4 episodes) by Nollywood producer Pastor Kenneth Okonkwo. Judging from the trailer above and a "review" in VICE, it's destined to be a psychotronic classic. The VICE writer promised to post the full flick to YouTube. He'd better hurry -- the devil makes work for idle hands. From VICE:
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In the first scene of 666, the devil sends two assassins up to earth to kidnap a pregnant woman. They cut her belly open in a tunnel and steal the baby, whom they baptize in the service of Satan. Throughout the movie, Satan terrorizes the people of Nigeria despite the efforts of Pastor Okonkwo (yes, he also stars in the film). Okonkwo often sends lightning bolts down to hell by the power of extreme prayer.

In part two of the quartet, the kidnapped child returns to earth and causes all manner of problems. He seduces a woman in her late 20s by flashing lasers out of his eyes; he goes on a bar crawl and possesses a woman who then kills a priest. Then, when a gang of Christians capture him and attempt to ritually stab him to death, he uses his powers to brand each of their foreheads with a lovely 666.
"Nollywood Omen" (Thanks, Vann Hall!)