Homemade R2D2 steampunk junkbot


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  1. Anonymous says:


    Nakano Broadway is indeed cooler and much more accesible than Akiba. It is also much more family friendly (in my opinion), there’s even shops for grannies and little kids!

    Akiba is fantastic, too, in it’s own way.

    As for the Mandarake shop in Akiba, yes, it is cool right now when it is stuffed with goodies plucked from all the other Madarake shops, but the main store in Nakano Kicks a*s.

  2. smonkey says:

    Not exactly original.

    They crank these things out in thailand (I think that’s where most you see around are from).

    Here’s one of many sites dedicated to “custom” metal art from thailand.


    (tho the one you guys featured does look better than the one I point out).

  3. akbal7 says:

    Does it actually run on steam?

  4. Santa's Knee says:

    At SMonkey,

    I always thought that R2D2 looked suspiciously like a propane tank…


  5. VagabondAstronomer says:

    …still awaiting those steam-powered X-wing fighters…

  6. jfrancis says:

    I have a length of old lead pipe. I call it my steampunk light saber.

  7. Anonymous says:

    So…. wouldn’t that be a R1D1?

  8. AirPillo says:

    Not all assemblage art counts as steampunk; there’s not a scrap of brass color or leather on this! D:

  9. Zadaz says:

    Nakano Broadway seems to get left off the Western Akiba/Otaku tours, but pound for pound it out-awesome’s most of Akihabara. The little galleries and tiny shops overflowing with unexpected collectibles. One guy had collected dozens of vintage JFK dolls, another blackface dolls, another had a full set of vintage Sesame Street sippy cups adn 70′s American TV show lunchboxes. Everything from NES cartridges to Russian fighter pilot helmets, porno to tin toys. (And of course every Kubrick, Panda-G, Gundam, Robotech, Masked Rider, Evangelion, etc merchandice ever produced.)

    And it’s always changing. Finding something awesome isn’t hard there. Finding the same thing twice is a challenge.

    It’s what Akihabara was like before it Disneyfied.

  10. Francesco Fondi says:

    @ ZADAZ Nakano better than Akiba?!

    You shouldn’t believe to the so called “otaku” experts.
    I love Nakano, but the magnitude of Akiba is (still) on a totally diferrent level… just take a look at Mandarake (Nakano’s geek’s temple) new 8 floor building opening in Akiba or to the legendary M’s Entertainment…

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