Stop-motion Atari re-creation

Tony sez, "Attached is a stop-motion video my filmmaker friend Justin Grizzoffi and I made a couple of years ago. It was super easy to make - we simply edited together a couple hundred still photos of Post-Its stuck to a wall and scored it using samples from an old Casio SK1 keyboard."

Post-It Note Atari (Thanks, Tony!) Read the rest

Human skull papercraft

Ravensblight has a great collection of free spooky papercraft models, just in time for Hallowe'en.

free Human Skull paper model (via Paper Forest) Read the rest

Healthy baby poop gallery

Wonder what healthy baby-poo looks like? Wonder no more: here's a gallery of normal, healthy steaming baby excreta:
This photo guide to baby poop will give you a good idea of what's normal and what's not as your newborn grows, drinks breast milk or formula, and starts eating solids. You'll find out when not to worry and when it's wise to be concerned.

As a general rule, if you see anything completely out of the ordinary in your baby's diaper, play it safe and call the doctor.

Fair warning: These are pictures of real baby poop! Please view only if you're comfortable with that. If not, you can read this description without photos instead.

Baby poop: A visual guide (via Neatorama)

(Image: Diaper pail, a Creative Commons Attribution photo from Ingamun's photostream) Read the rest

Successful marriage proposal via 3D-printed ring

Bre sez, "Fynflood used his MakerBot [ed: 3D printer] to create a ring and then proposed with it! She said yes!"
The ring I printed, and then used to propose to my girlfriend.

I printed it with black ABS, and then printed a small white cube and set it with some magic glue eagleapex left at Hive.

I drew the 2d shape in gimp, then had a friend render it in 3d using sketchup (I fail at 3D). I made some adjustments using Blender for the final print.

She said yes! Now to get our MakerBot to print with white gold.

MakerBot LOVE (Thanks, Bre!) Read the rest

Octavia Butler and Carl Brandon tribute reading, San Francisco, Oct 10

Rina writes,
Saturday is Litquake Day! And we have a very special reading for you.

Color Me SF: The Science Fiction Worlds of Octavia Butler and Carl Brandon

Our guests reading will be Jewelle Gomez & Claire Light. There will also be discussion on Butler and Brandon,and Q & A moderated by Terry Bisson. We will be charging $5 at the door, with all of the money going to the Octavia Butler Scholarship. Bar proceeds for the night will also go to the Scholarship. Tips, as usual, will go to Variety Children's Charity of Northern California.

At The Variety Preview Room, The Hobart Bldg., 582 Market St. @ Montgomery, 1st floor of The Hobart Bldg. Entrance is between Quiznos and Citibank Doors Open 6:00pm Readings start 7:00pm Seating is limited; first come first seated; we will have the event miked so that you can hang in the lounge and listen.

Saturday is Litquake Day Previously:Boing Boing: RIP, Octavia Butler, "genius" science fiction writer Octavia Butler memorial tomorrow night at Seattle's SF Museum ... Transcript: Octavia Butler's conversation with Delany at MIT ... Octavia Butler scholarship will send people of color to Clarion ... Boing Boing: Octavia Butler's "Fledgling": subtle, thrilling ... Boing Boing: Octavia Butler memorial tomorrow night at Seattle's ... Read the rest

Disney's giant, robotic eyeball prototype

A reader writes, "Disney's Imagineers realize that the eyes convey emotions and a two-foot eye prototype showcases the newest concept for animatronic models."
Imagineers realize that the eyes convey emotions and a two-foot eye prototype showcases our newest concept. It's a new type of mechanism that uses electromagnets to create realistic eye motions. There is only a single moving part -- the eye itself -- and no wear points. That means faster, more realistic movement and longer life.

As Disney Parks continues to experiment and innovate, as with our newest Autonomatronics technology, we'll certainly be talking about it on this blog. Stay tuned.

Hands, Eyes Convey Emotions For Disney's Audio-Animatronics Technology Previously:Singapore's second-creepiest animatronic exhibit - Boing Boing Animatronic zombie that rises out of your garden and chases people ... HOWTO make an animatronic lion mask with superpowers - Boing Boing Roomba with animatronic chimp head - Boing Boing Video: documentary on Showbiz animatronic band - Boing Boing Animatronic Steve Wozniak comes to Epcot Center ride, animatronic ... Hussein Chalayan's awesome animatronic fashion - Boing Boing Animatronic band on eBay - Boing Boing Read the rest

Fair use and choreography

Joe sez, "My friend Julia is a choreographer who is doing some really interesting work looking at how sampling and fair use questions apply to the world of dance. This link is an artist's statement on an upcoming show, Punk Yankees:
I had the good fortune of receiving a choreographic fellowship from the Maggie Alessee National Center for Choreography (MANCC) to support the research and initial development of Punk Yankees, which is the title of our anniversary concert. While at MANCC, I began working with the ensemble to address my research questions: What defines "fair use" in dance? Is it permissible to "borrow" choreographic devices if the movement is reinvented? If the dancers can't execute the movement in the way it was originally intended, is there something interesting about that failure? If someone "stylistically" references a choreographer, should it be acknowledged as a derivative work, or is it what naturally occurs through dance education and lineage? Ultimately what we created was a work-in-progress that experimented with meta-theatrical devices and formal conventions to elucidate these provocative questions with transparency and humor.

The title Punk Yankees came from some research I was doing online about piracy and art. Matt Mason, author of the book The Pirate's Dilemma, talks about the fact that piracy and appropriation (in the sense of intellectual property) has historically been linked to the creation of new markets, which he calls a form of "punk" capitalism. He also traces the word "Yankee" to an old Dutch slang word "Janke," meaning pirate.

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Warren Ellis's readers' tour through Etsy

Warren Ellis has put an open call out to Whitechapel readers who have Etsy stores for their crafts to pimp their offerings for early Xmas shopping. So far, we've got wool candy, steampunk jewellery, surreal paintings, paintings of demon cats, handmade jewellery, custom toys, fashion, goggles, felted dissected animals, hand-dyed wool, chainmail, etc etc. Instant clicktrance!

Warren's Pub Table: [Sticky] Etsy People Stand Up (late 2009)

(Image: Knitted Fetal Pig Biology Project) Read the rest

Juvenile dollar-mod

Spotted in the wild by the inestimable Fipi Lele, a modded US dollar bill with extra juvenile hilarity. I've seen lots of variations on this theme, but these two gags are new to me.

(Thanks, Fipi Lele!) Read the rest

Google map of jailed Chinese netizens

Oh, the unfortunate irony. The annotations on this Google Map are all in Chinese, so it's of little utility for a non-Chinese-speaker like myself -- but it's the most extensive such documentation I've seen about the jail locations of persons in China imprisoned for online dissidence. (via @rmack) Read the rest

Quickdraw Noir, by Merrill Markoe

German expressionism meets film noir meets Saturday morning cartoon funnies. Quickdraw Noir. "The rare noir episode of Quickdraw McGraw that featured Peter Lorre. With music by Andy Prieboy." Created by the great Merrill Markoe, who is perhaps best known as David Letterman's original head writer -- she won 5 Emmys for the show. She oughta get one for this, IMHO. (Thanks, Susannah Breslin) Read the rest

The Aliens: "Sunlamp Show" music video

The groovy video for this new track "Sunlamp Show" by The Aliens is Yellow Submarine-esque madness. A Scottish band, The Aliens feature Gordon Anderson, John Maclean, and Robin Jones, formerly of Beta Band. The Aliens' new album, Luna, was released in the US today by Birdman Records. The Aliens (Thanks, DKN!) Read the rest

A musical clock made of stars

Jim Bumgardner has created a lovely sound project that brings to life the music of the spheres: "Wheel of Stars."
I downloaded public data from Hipparcos, a satellite launched by the European Space Agency in 1989 that accurately measured over a hundred thousand stars.

The data I downloaded contains position, parallax, magnitude, and color information, among other things.

Sean Bonner, upon whose blog I discovered this, says, "I highly recommend fullscreen and the use of headphones. Listening to this is hypnotic. I want it to play constantly in the background of my life." Read the rest

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He’s Still the Great Gore Vidal, But Boy Is He Cranky Link Read the rest

Woman gives birth in pool with dolphin, internet gives birth to meme.

(Update: From a French documentary film, says this 2004 snopes item.) This minute-and-a-half long YouTube video appears to show a mommy giving birth to her baby in a pool of water, while a curious dolphin swims and pokes around. What I don't know: Is this real life? Is it viral marketing? A film trailer? Fodder for some new furries fantasy site? Is the idea of a dolphin poking around the mom's ladyregions cute or disturbing? What does the infant think? How long can infants breathe underwater while connected via umbilical cord? Where did the video come from? Why can't I stop watching? Discuss. (via @tara, and others) Read the rest

Booker White "Aberdeen Mississippi Blues"

I sure like Booker White's slapping technique! Read the rest

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Kembra Pfahler's Gossip Girl Micro-Cameo Link Read the rest

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