Femke Hiemstra print from Pressure Printing

Femmmkeeee The fine artisans at Pressure Printing have been busy, following up their stunning Ron English piece with this lovely intaglio fine art print from a drawing by Amsterdam-based painter Femke Hiemstra. Femke also has a new book out, Rock Candy, collecting her phantasmagorical fairy tails. Last year, my wife purchased a small Hiemstra original from Roq La Rue Gallery as a birthday gift for me and it brings me spooky joy every day. The new piece from Pressure Printing, in a signed/numbered edition of 100, is 8.75" x 12.75" and sells for $150. It's titled "Haniwa." The Pressure Printing blog has terrific photos of the drawing and printmaking process.
Femke Hiemstra's Haniwa


  1. I am trying very very hard to order Haniwa from Pressure Printing but keep getting told that my VITAL INFORMATION is incorrect and then they direct you to call.
    No number available however.
    Any tips on how I can contact?

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