Healthy baby poop gallery

Wonder what healthy baby-poo looks like? Wonder no more: here's a gallery of normal, healthy steaming baby excreta:

This photo guide to baby poop will give you a good idea of what's normal and what's not as your newborn grows, drinks breast milk or formula, and starts eating solids. You'll find out when not to worry and when it's wise to be concerned.

As a general rule, if you see anything completely out of the ordinary in your baby's diaper, play it safe and call the doctor.

Fair warning: These are pictures of real baby poop! Please view only if you're comfortable with that. If not, you can read this description without photos instead.

Baby poop: A visual guide (via Neatorama)

(Image: Diaper pail, a Creative Commons Attribution photo from Ingamun's photostream)


  1. Thanks for the tasteful image, as opposed to the “healthy cervix” thread, but really, do we need a Facebook for poo?

  2. I’m just amazed at the amount of time somebody sent photographing and/or collecting photos of baby poop. That, sir or madam, is dedication.

  3. Seems like a good idea to me, especially for new parents. I had no idea it came in such an asstonishing array of shades and shapes.

  4. I thought kids poo was going to be as disgusting a task as collecting a smelly dogs one, but surprisingly its far more satisfying, if not a bit less solid and structured….hmmmm nice. However I dont think I go as far as to take pictures of my kids poo, or anyones come to think of it


  5. Also known as “What to Expect When You’re Defecating”

    I can aver that in my capacity as a librarian I have been asked, on more than one occasion, by a parent (mothers and fathers) about what is a “normal” amount and color of baby poop.

    For that reason, I am making a whole new bookmark folder just for this site.

  6. you know, I usually read thru boingboing while eating my lunch and lately, well, there have been rather too many bits of people’s insides and stuff like this… let’s keep it lunch friendly, people!

  7. Gross as it seems, I really wish we’d had this site three years ago when we had our baby… Doctors love to ask questions like “is he pooping normally” and it can be really hard to know!

  8. We used a butter knife to scrape my sons diapers into the toilet. Anyone care for some buttered toast?

  9. An acquiantance of mine had a simple but ingenious idea for keeping track of his baby’s poo colour, which apparrently the doctor kept asking about.

    He went to a paint shop and picked up a load of paint colour cards, ranging from white through yellow to brown. So whenever the doctor asked about colour changes in the baby’s faeces as an indicator of health and development, my friend could give a completely objective answer and show them the exact colours. Much better than saying “Well, today it’s a whiteish yellow; yesterday it was more of a yellowish white…”.

  10. Great idea. One of the things like about the internet is that I can get all sorts of information when I need it.

    Now I’d like a site like this to deal with dog poo. I seem to spend too much time trying to explain to the vet that my dog has scoffed yet another ghastly thing as we walked along, resulting in scary poo. (Scary for me, not for the dog, lol)

  11. It’s things like this that make me 100% sure that I made at least one major life decision correctly. No kids.

    There is a very good chance I will be able to live out my entire life without ever touching or seeing another human’s poop. I will also never have to do research into the correct color and consistency of said poop.

  12. Evaluating poop by sight is a pointless exercise unless you combine it with the smell and taste tests.

  13. We got a glossy color printout with photos and descriptions, along with a grid for log (har!) entries of the first 10 days’ worth of pee and poop on the back, when we left the birth center. I thought everyone received something similar.

  14. I am sorry I didnt get to here earlier before all the poop jokes. I just want to say one thing, if you went to the linked site, (and expectant parents should) you will note the first poop a baby produces is greenish black and tar-y.

    It really is tar-y not just in look, but in consistency, and its hard as hell to get off your newborn’s ass, cracks and folds. Please please please use oil in the first hours and days to coat the crotch skin, so you dont have to work so hard, and your wonderful new baby doesnt wonder what the hell you are doing, and doing and doing, and stilll doing, scraping and rubbing away down there.

  15. Ok, I take back all the bad things I said about the people who were repulsed by the cervix photos. I confess – everyone has their limit and this one is mine.

  16. Wait. I don’t see the photo of the poo with bougainvillea leaves in it. Perhaps that one wasn’t “normal”?

  17. Just had one of those babies a few weeks ago.

    That myconium poop (the poop that forms before birth) is wierd.

    It has pretty much exactly the qualities of warm tar. Very black. Very sticky. Bizarre to see that coming out of the kid for the first couple days.

    We are all born with the alien that ate Tasha Yar in Star Trek TNG inside us.

    I wonder what bizarre myths and superstitions surround it. It really cries out for them.

  18. It’s gross to non-parents, I’m sure, but Kaiser Permanente hospitals and clinics, for one, have a photo guide of this posted all over the place. I saw three of them in childbirthing and parenting classes and clinics within a month. Very practical.

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