Berlusconi's immunity-for-me law overturned


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Berlusconi is a snake. Unfortunately a lot of the Italian public actually like his ways with women!

  2. phisrow says:

    The fact that that wasn’t 15-0 disturbs me.

  3. Anonymous says:

    People in Europe should be concerned about what Berlusconi does because of his strong links with the Mafia. It’s worth noting that the Mafia as well as the Camorra and the Ndrangheta aren’t confined in southern Italy anymore. They have set their foot in the Milan stock exchange and are rapidly spreading in northern europe.
    Whoever think the Mafia is something like The Godfather is deeply wrong.

    Petra Reski (, a german journalist who wrote a book in german about the Mafia was threatened even before the book was translated in Italian and distributed in Italy.

    A must read book:

  4. Anonymous says:

    it’s his 2nd time trying to get immunity?!? I’m glad the Italian people got equality for ALL under the law.

  5. FutureNerd says:

    Next thing you know they’ll be having a coup like in Honduras.

  6. cazzulati says:

    @phishrow: five of the court members were elected by the very same parliament that mr. berlusconi controls. and two of the members were caught in a “secret” dinner with berlusconi and his minister of justice alfano a few weeks ago, before the debate (another unbelievable scandal).

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