"Close. The. Box. Walk away"

september113.jpg owl in box [Reynen's Livejournal] Thanks, Dean!


  1. Great Horned Owl = Win.

    The caption for the image after the one shown above would be something along the lines, of “GTFO of mah box!!!!!!!”

  2. a) That is an awesome shot.

    b) My brain shouted “PHOTOSHOP” when I spotted this photo in the series. Stupid brain…

    c) [off topic] I love all the little gray people in the comment section on the new redesign. Is anyone aware that bio-image upload is broken?

    Error writing upload to ‘/var/www/boing-cgi/mt/mt-static/support/uploads/photo-of-me.jpg’

  3. Great Horned Owls eat cats. We find cat guts and bits of fur pretty regularly in my neighborhood.

  4. That is just the coolest picture. It really needs the LOLs treatment.
    BOKS OWEL Is Watchen You Goof Off at Work

  5. Angry owl is angry.
    My favorite pic on this post was the one just below this one, where the owl is leaning back in the box and giving the photographer the crazy eyes:

  6. ha! i’ve done that. the little barn owl was not terribly happy about it, but he needed to get checked out by our local raptor rehabilitators after bouncing off the hood of my car one night. our cats were reeeeally interested in whatever was in that box…

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