Free speech lawsuit against Vancouver Olympic rules


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Your ads keep moving the screen around making it impossible to read this article.

  2. dedward says:

    You know – as much as I hope they win this action, and the courts side with freedoms….

    As a Canadian, British Columbian, and guy who loves Vancouver – It would be nice if a bunch of whackjobs didn’t go around shouting, scribbiling crap graffiti and protesting through the whole olympics and just spoil the fun for everyone else.

  3. gmcmullen says:

    For all my fellow law nerds, the statement of claim is available on the BCCLA website:

  4. AirPillo says:

    I’m actually kind of glad the Olympics has never been held in my part of the world. The suits behind the whole thing are some of the most tyrannical Peter Principle bureaucrats I’ve ever seen, and seem to inflict an astonishingly disproportionate amount of damage (sometimes temporary, sometimes less so) wherever their events go.

    It’s a traveling circus of political and entrepreneurial thuggery.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I must agree with AirPillo. I am glad that the city I live in is too small to ever get the olymipics, and there is no other city close by.

    They have become a real Frankenstein of this painted over facade of fake Walt Disney style world piece.

  6. Daemon says:

    Never mind prostests – almost every provision here breaks normal life. City land includes parks, streets and sidewalks…

    i) cutlery, amonst other things.
    ii) damned near anything can be used as a weapon
    iii) bans the transport of furniture, and just about everything else larger than a breadbox
    iv) unlikely to be a problem for non-protesters, but does hit portable karaoke machines and some kids toys
    v) actually bans all vehicles from the streets of the city
    vi) there goes radios and many children
    vii) this one is unlikely to be a problem for non-protesters.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It is sad indeed when the worlds finest athletes become nothing more than the platform for corporate greed. None of the talk you hear leading up to the Games focuses on the people who have worked for much of their lives honing skills and bodies for the sake of sport. Instead we talk about traffic, security (the Vancouver Police State), advertising, and the money that each and every one of us is shelling out to pay for trucking snow from Manning Park to Cypress to build a ski run. They’ve lifted a smoking ban to appease our guests and pleaded with our residents to stay out of their city. They’ve taken bikes of the Skytrain and wreaked havoc on small business. They’ve demanded that businesses using the word “Olympic” in their names re-name them. They want to re-write Canadian Copyright Law so we can’t even post a picture with their symbols or words on it, even though you can’t point a camera anywhere downtown without seeing them (from PUBLIC PROPERTY, I might add).

    Retail products proudly celebrating Vancouver 2010 are made in China – a visit to your local HBC or Zellers store and an inspection of the tags on the merchandise is in order. HBC is a proud sponsor – an American company flogging it’s previously Canadian history and reselling Chinese retail products to help fuel an ailing U.S. economy.

    The Olympics are no longer about sport, they are about profit. Those who buy into the theory that this games, like others, will turn a profit need to understand that the profits are not theirs, nor are they likely to see the benefits. Rather than insult the very premise that the Games were founded upon (SPORT), they should just change the name. Perhaps Corporate Games? Greed Games? or Afterthought Games?

  8. Matthew says:

    I hope these guys win their action … that said, I am a Vancouver resident and am glad that the Olympics are coming here.

    Vancouver is not perfect … but it is pretty damn nice here. FWIW , I live a 5 minute bike ride outside the much maligned Downtown East Side and consider my area of town to be beautifu and safe.

  9. weewillie says:

    I’m really torn how I feel about this.

    I’m all for protecting our rights and freedoms, but a lot of these Olympic portesters are professional protesters – I mean, it’s the same people showing up at any kind of protest in Vancouver. They make a lot of noise and disrupt everything for everyone.

    What about my rights to enjoy myself at the Olympics and not have to worry about screaming loonies.

    yeah… I’m torn on this one…

    • zikzak says:

      Please explain “professional protester”. Surely you don’t mean to imply that they’re employed by someone to protest the Olympics.

      It seems like you call them “professional” because they’ve been involved in many protests before, as though devoting a significant amount of one’s life to social activism somehow discredits them.

      Your dismissal carries with it the assumption that the people who protest the Olympics are not motivated by actual grievances, and are actually just insane and/or belligerent misanthropes who seek to cause disruption for its own sake.

      That is, to the letter, the way social reformers have been greeted by the comfortable mainstream throughout history. From ghandi to suffrage to rock and roll, the mainstream always responds with a frustrated anger towards what they can only see as the fringe shaking things up and making trouble for the sole purpose of annoying them, the mainstream.

  10. creepconnor says:

    I a have a good photo of some anti-Olympic graffiti that I found on the corner of Cordova and Main in the Downtown Eastside. I think it does a nice job of summing up the attitude towards the Olympics, especially from that communty.

    Vancouver is not really the paradise that people are trying to present it as to the world. There are many problems in this great city and unfortunately many (poor) people are going to screwed as a result of the Olympics.

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