Firefly carcass LED light

firefly_2.jpg Designer Harry Allen made this LED light by 3D-printing the shape of a firefly caught in his backyard. Previously, Allen made a piggy bank cast out of a real dead pig, which you can actually buy here. Harry Allen Design via No Smarties


  1. Would be nice to get a swarm of these as a chandelier. It’s nice to see 3D printing is getting so good.

  2. It looks a little creepy, really. You can tell it’s dead from the way it’s holding its legs, and the sort of limpness in its wings.

    The idea is good, but it would be better executed by 3D printing some firefly models created on the computer. Maybe take some hi-res photos of fireflies to help in the modeling process. At least then, the lights would look alive. This thing just looks a bit sad to me. Then again, it also looks like this Allen gentleman has a fascination with corpses, so I’m guessing good taste isn’t really his foremost concern.

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