Nicolas "Copyright" Sarkozy mass-pirates DVDs

Glyn sez, "The same French president who has for the second time brought in three strikes to France has for the second time been caught infringing copyright on a large scale. The presidential audiovisual services have produced 400 unauthorized copies of the 52-minute documentary 'A visage decouvert: Nicolas Sarkozy.' This is quite impressive as the producer of the documentary has only shipped 50 copies."

The French satirical investigative journalism weekly "Le Canard Enchaîné" reveals that our holier-than-thou presidency is in fact a pirate's lair. In a stunning display of hypocrisy, the presidential audiovisual services produced 400 unauthorized copies of the 52 minutes documentary "A visage découvert : Nicolas Sarkozy"...

It is even more appalling that we are dealing with repeat offenders : last spring, while the Hadopi law was discussed, U.S. music duo MGMT received €30,000 as a settlement for a copyright infringement by French President Nicolas Sarkozy's party who used one of its songs at a political rally without permission. Those who led the charge against Internet users are not the most respectful of copyright.

French presidency makes 400 unauthorized copies of DVD (Thanks, Glyn!)


  1. Worst! They removed the orginal copyright. And they printed the “presidential audiovisual services” copyright.

  2. A politician that thinks themselves above the law they passed? I’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you. That would never happen here. Danged Frenchies, they give unfair application of the law a bad name.

  3. Sarkozy is on his second strike then.. One more and his presidency gets disconnected from the internet!

    If only it worked that way..

    1. @ Arikol –

      I thought they passed the three strikes law…again.

      It might indeed work that way.

      Imagine if whatever the French version of the White House had to be banned from internet access.

  4. Moreover, adding insult to injury, the Elysée replaced the original copyright notice on the dvd copies by “Copyright presidential audiovisual service – All rights reserved”…

  5. Sounds like the American politicians here who rabidly fight gay rights while at the same time being gay themselves.

    Are these the people we really elect?

  6. “Le Canard Enchaîné” is such a great name – “the chained up duck” – they’re even satirical about their satirical powers.

  7. Reminds me of when the MPAA got caught making illegal copies of Kirby Dick’s “This Film is Not Yet Rated.”

  8. @ WalterBillington : Actually the “canard” is also slang for newspaper. The “canard” has been published since 1915 and is still the most independant source of information here in France. And by far the funniest and most ferocious :)

  9. And of course here in France, we won’t hear about this on TV before two weeks (all french media groups are owned by friends of Sarko), and it will be quickly evacuated as a “regretable mistake due to some young public servant”. Fire a intern is their usual answer.

    The last time they were caught in the act, with MGMT, they simply said “not true, you’re just a bunch of low-hitting leftists !”

  10. Mr. SARKOZY might have some more work to do at home since the (very) rich do not seem to feel concerned by the law:

    GROUPAMA, a French insurer, was caught in a $200 million software PIRACY case.

    GROUPAMA argued that bank secrecy entitled it to limit the scope of Police investigations to a building that was not the place of the infraction… and the General Prosecutor of PARIS (illegally) ruled that they were right:

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