Owl tape measure


5 Responses to “Owl tape measure”

  1. AnoniMouse says:

    @broken fingers
    Owl pellets are regurgitated and the mouse symbolizes a pellet.

  2. tomboing says:

    Cute enough, but looks inaccurate by about 1/4 inch. My eye says zero would be about where the mouse’s eyes are.

  3. El Zombre says:

    You always measure from the 1. At least I do. Then I wonder why everything is off by 1 inch.

  4. concrete_d says:

    Jinyoung Yu’s sculptures are pretty great too (owl’s sitting on a picture of one).

  5. broken_fingers says:

    A neat variation might be a cute, fuzzy owl pellet (with some bones sticking out) stretching from the owl’s butt.

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