Boing Boing guest blogger: Connie Choe!


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  1. Thad E Ginataom says:

    Looking forward to the squirrels :)

  2. El Scorcho says:

    As a dorky half-Korean, half-Japanese girl who loves BoingBoing I am pretty ecstatic to see you here. Hope there are Kimchi giveaways!

  3. Crashproof says:

    Unnecessary censor bars are hot. :)

  4. Beedie says:

    Welcome! If I can get my kimchi from a Boing Boinger, then that is what I will do. I love the slogan, by the way. :)

  5. Improbable says:

    Connie –
    I had a recent experience with the Baby Einstein founders. A few months I wrote (in my weekly column in The Guardian) about a masters thesis that examined the whole Baby Einstein phenomenon. (The column, with links to that thesis, is at ). Not long afterwards, Julie Aigner-Clark’s husband sent me a vaguely threatening letter, and then sent a slightly-less-vaguely threatening letter to The Guardian. Maybe you, too, will receive some delightful mail from the Aigner-Clarks.

    -Marc Abrahams
    Editor, Annals of Improbable Research,

  6. KWillets says:

    Everything is coming up Kimchi these days. My wife’s family just started a Kimchi brand in Korea this year.

  7. OrcOnTheEndOfMyFork says:

    Wait. Is this a plug for a company named Censored?

  8. Pitch says:

    Welcome to Boing Boing! I look forward to hearing about your kim chi empire & your fascination for squirrels!

  9. Adam Stanhope says:

    The kimchi looks great. Is it made in Korea or the US?

  10. Lobster says:

    Hello! I hope unnecessary censor bars becomes a meme. :D

  11. Xopher says:

    If this introductory post is anything to go by in terms of your writing and sense of humor, this should be loads of fun! Welcome!

    …there aren’t really squirrels in the kimchi, are there?

  12. RainyRat says:

    politics makes me sleepy and large crowds of people make me hyperventilate

    So presumably if you experienced both at the same time your brain would start rotating at high speed?

  13. RainyRat says:


    That’s a great idea!

    In fact, we could t[CENSORED.CENSORED.CENSORED.CENSORED]ntil it explodes.

  14. Chris Tucker says:

    El Scorcho

    As a dorky half-Korean, half-Japanese girl who loves BoingBoing…

    You had me at “dorky”.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I would like to [censored] you someday, and [censored] your [censored] [censored].

  16. Blake2go says:

    Welcome Kim,

    Chi it is good to see you!

    I have just been to your site, and will have to try your offerings.

    I am grateful that, no squirrels where harmed in the making of you product.

    El Scorcho | October 12, 2009 12:45 PM | Reply

    As a dorky half-Korean, half-Japanese girl

    ……which half? …….and does it hurt?


  17. anansi133 says:

    Usually when I see corporate logos censored out for commercial reasons, just blurring it is sufficient. This photo is a bit of a tease, the big black bar is more prominent than her face, and it invites a discussion that really doesn’t go anywhere.

    (the logo being obscured can’t be more than a quarter the size of the black bar.)

    Anyway, welcome to BoingBoing, and I hope that’s the snarkyist comment you have to endure this week!

    • mdh says:

      This photo is a bit of a tease, the big black bar is more prominent than her face, and it invites a discussion that really doesn’t go anywhere.

      doesn’t it? Naughty imagination is still imagination.

  18. hector23 says:


    Get a paypal account for your online store! I was just about to purchase some kimchi and was thwarted by laziness at the thought of having to enter all my info.

    Looks delicious

  19. ConnieKimchi says:

    Thanks, guys! Yeah, the squirrels are just for looking at- it’s the dogs that are for eating (I kid, I kid).

  20. Tian says:

    Nice V-sign.

  21. ConnieKimchi says:

    @Tian I’m pretending to be Japanese. Is it working?

  22. DomoDomo says:

    Connie — boing boing post w/ recipe for watermelon rind kimchi. Make it happen. We’re counting on you!

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