Invasion of the giant blobs of "sea mucus"


Tara McGinley of Dangerous Minds reports on mucus-like blobs that are forming with increasing frequency in the Mediterranean. They're loaded with bacteria and viruses and the larger ones are 200 kilometers (125 miles) long. Sea snot invasion!


  1. It’s all about perspective and language – you say Sea Snot, I see beautiful underwater clouds!

    1. “It’s all about perspective and language – you say Sea Snot, I see beautiful underwater clouds!”

      I totally agree, weatherman. Some peo-AAAAAACCHHHHOOOOO!!! Oh, geez. I’m so sorry. I seem to have sneezed some clouds onto your coat – here let me just wipe that off. Ummm, what was I saying?

  2. This is mind blowing. Mucus in the human body serves much (not all) of the same purpose. Freaky…. So either the earth is really sick, or its about to ovulate….me thinks its the former but hope for the latter.

    jcmoonraker-you’re right, it really is like Nausicaa.

    1. bklynchris – I wasn’t terrified before, but now I am. WTF happens when a planet ovulates? Are we going to go into heat (OMG – global warming), and attract nearby, male planets?

      I just hope that Mars fertilizes with a cloud, instead of penetration. I don’t think I could handle interplanetary intercourse.

      1. Mother Earth is pregnant for the third time
        For y’all have knocked her up.

        I have tasted the maggots in the mind of the universe
        I was not offended
        For I knew I had to rise above it all
        Or drown in my own shit.

    1. @jere7my


      Someone get him to write an incredibly dense and ornate prose description of the monster…then record a new voice-over for the video!

  3. TJS:
    Sheds new light on Deep Impact, huh?

    I’d be interested if these type things show up in the Great Lakes.

    1. Blogpolitik, comrade. It’s considered poor form not to link to the post of the blog you found the story on, even if that blog is linking to another blog linking to the actual story. For unpopular but virally durable stories, the daisy chain may get so long that getting to the original article takes more time than reading it.

      See, for example,

  4. Pretty Soon we will have polluted ALL our OCEANS so bad..nobody will be afraid of Sharks ANYMORE..because you can die just by SWIMMING in the OCEAN..Hey..who CARES..maybe YOU DO..DO SOMETHING about it..not TOO late.YET

    1. Really.. no-one takes any of this seriously and that’s why this planet is shot to hell. IT’S ALL OF OUR FAULTS AND WE ARE DESTROYING THIS WORLD AND ALL THE LIFE ON THIS PLANET.

  5. wow— Will This become the next “home aquarium wonder”?

    WHO could resist a Snot Blob in the home aquarium?

    Maybe Newt Gingrich and the “boys” can get a national aquarium in Wasington DC to get a NICE 50 foot blob of Sea SNOT and put it on exhibit…?
    Its the new “Chia Pet”- WHY NOT give your friends and family a Sean-Snot Blob for Christmas???

  6. The mucus is not the problem, it’s just a symptom of a wider problem, an ecological disaster, named eutrophication.

  7. These things are deadly! Seems like most people are so caught up in their looks that they miss this fact!

  8. If you know someone with a saltwater aquarium chances are they have come in contact with something very similar. It’s called cyanobacteria and is present in tanks with too many nutrients usually caused by overfeeding. It is potentially deadly to coral and fish if left unchecked but has a simple solution, a good water change and correcting the overfeeding. This has more to do with us dumping chemicals and fertilizers into the ocean than the temperature itself.

    1. Simper, you are essentially correct – but consider that cyanobacteria ruled the earth back when the CO2 concentrations and ocean temperatures were in the vicinity of where we’re heading to, and I just don’t think we can do a water change on the whole Mediterranean sea.

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