Zombie Street Fashion


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  1. querent says:

    my first day as a math ta was nothing compared to my friend john’s. he met a star from some b zombie film, working on a sequel. “we always need more zombies.” i may have an in.

  2. donnyk says:

    hahah that’s AWESOME!! there was one in seattle too on very same day! (a normal walk though not a pub crawl)


    these things are a blast- anyone who gets a chance should try it

  3. Anonymous says:

    Awesome! I missed it this year but have several friends who participated. Fantastic event! Good to see boing-boing covering stuff like this!

  4. enealio says:

    Word to the wise. You will most likely be drunk when you get home and your first idea will be to crash and sleep. If you remember, shower first. I woke up to a pillow covered in silver makeup and red dyed corn syrup.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey, my friend Ed is the bespectacled Rebel Trooper in the back! Neato.

  6. RedShirt77 says:

    Great to have you contributing Maggie.

    I almost came down to the Zombie pub crawl, but my lady friend wasn’t feeling well and I spent all afternoon killing Nazi Zombies and didn’t get out to buy fake blood.

    I image I could have gone as a survivor, but I don’t know bars policy on bloody blunt instruments.

  7. fivesixzero says:

    ZPC V was awesome. Minneapolis knows how to zombie it up and drink like champs, that’s for sure. Here are some more photos of the chaos on the streets in Cedar/Riverside and the West Bank:


    I did my best impression of Frank from Dead Rising. My favorite was the team of zombie Batman, zombie chef and zombie old-man-with-a-walker but, alas, I was too close to get a good shot with my 85mm.

  8. eustace says:

    Why are zonbies so pervasive in our culture right now? What do they represent to people – what is it they really fear, but can enjoy watching destroyed by the dozens in a movie? Do they represent all the worst in society? Are they slavering stand-ins for mindless consumers? Are they stupified by boredom, can you pick them out by their failure to think rationally?
    Maybe they’re just really, really stupid people. After all, they want brains.

  9. Drew from Zhrodague says:

    World Zombie Day yesterday. The guys from The It’s Alive Show here in Pittsburgh did a zombie walk, like they do every year, which usually beats their own record for most number of zombies. http://theitsaliveshow.com http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Its_Alive_Show

  10. schilsound says:

    Oh Gratz Gratz Gratz! Maggie I’m so darned proud. . . if ONE dead guy walks it’s just a zombie. . .

    If TWO dead folk rumble it’s a movement, even if only a pair of bags of rotting organs.

    But if a CITY full of undead erupt? Flocking to Bars?

    I’m in. Good job, Tongan Girl! I’m so happy you;re the first islander immortalized here @ BB!

  11. jessi_face says:

    “What do we want? Brains! When do we want them? Brains!” Yes, we are both totally cool and super brainy in Minneapolis. So much so, that we are sure to point out that those are lyrics from our much beloved local musicians, DanceBand. To see the “stagger slide” and rock out to the geek funk beats, visit Facebook and scream along. “BRAINS!”

  12. L says:

    Thank you for covering this local event. I went, I was undead, I returned to the land of the living. I’m kind of curious as to why you didn’t link http://www.zombiepubcrawl.com. I guess BB is a place for tidbits and snippets, but you might consider reporting a little bit more on the crowd (frat boys!), numbers (thousands), history and the different subcultures within the Zombie crawl.. humans, medical experiments (umbrella corp.), historical figures (undead prez!), characters from movies (Star Wars, Wizard of Oz, Forest Gump!), mythical characters (Smurfs, oompa loompas), zombie hunters, etc. Thank you for rep’n Mpls!!

  13. dorfus says:

    Oompa loompa ftw!!!!

  14. hazmat says:

    This is a dangerous exercise- The danger from zombies is real! If you’re walking around like this, you’re distracting us from the real danger!

  15. Dean Putney says:

    “Saaaave the giblets!”

  16. Phikus says:

    Wouldn’t that be the undead presidents?


  17. TJ S says:

    I call for more photo-gallery articles! I loved the few that went up on BBG, and it would be great to see more like this here on MotherBoing.

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