2010 Moleskine desk calendar for $3.74


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  1. kleer001 says:

    paper? eeew. How does it talk to my pager/cell/gCallendar/shoe ?!

    As for the fetishization, just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean that some people shouldn’t get off on it.

  2. Samuelito says:

    Moleskine or Fieldnotes with Whitelines paper would be da bomb.

  3. retrojoe says:

    Another product from a 15 year old company that positions itself as being 100. If this is as poorly made as their notebooks I want no part of it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Offer is gone, too late, now selling for $13.75 – argh

  5. Tgg161 says:

    Sheesh. All the moleskin hate. It’s a cute/clever product that costs about as much as a cup of premium coffee!

  6. Mark Frauenfelder says:

    Whoa, Retrojoe! You forgot to add a gwumpy-fwowny face to your comment. Let me fix it for you:

    “Another product from a 15 year old company that positions itself as being 100. If this is as poorly made as their notebooks I want no part of it. >:(”

    All better!

  7. Mark Frauenfelder says:

    Now I want to silkscreen the Dramatic Prarie Dog on a Molsekine!

  8. apoxia says:

    In New Zealand moleskins refers to a type of trousers. We call these products notebooks. I don’t think Moleskin company could fetishize their product here.

    I don’t even use my 365 days of beading desktop calendar. It’s stuck on Sept 29 as I type this.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s Moleskine, not moleskin (<–no e at the end).

      It’s not sold out, but no longer available at that price. The cheapest is about $11 shipped.

  9. ConnieKimchi says:

    Looks like they’re sold out :( I blame you.

  10. Piers W says:

    Moleskin is a fabric, it’s a sort of tough cotton velvet. You can get moleskin shirts as well.

    The ‘original’ Moleskine notebooks Bruce Chatwin rhapsodised about were made of moleskin fabric polished flat to make fake leather.

    The current ones are a fake version of the original fake. Which almost makes them interesting. I’m currently using a fake version of the fake fake made by Ryman.

  11. nonplus says:

    For some reason I read this as “moyle skin calendar”.


  12. furthur says:

    I want one made of real moles’ skins. Nothing else will do.

  13. Manooshi says:

    @Piers W: Frickin, LOL, dude! You win the internet for the day.

  14. Michael Leddy says:

    They’re still available via Amazon, but for $19.99 and other prices. Look for “Moleskine desk calendar.” MoleskineUS has them for $20.95.

    I found out about this deal at Notebook Stories.

  15. Lady Katey says:

    $13 and change now from Amazon.

    It’s a cute idea.

  16. Avram / Moderator says:

    Nonplus, when you rub it, it becomes one of those blotter-sized calendars.

  17. boyhowdy says:

    Amazon — the same company that puts small businesses and small-scale maker-suppliers out of business? Why does boingboing support this again?

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow, what a stunningly stupid comment. There are many, MANY small businesses which exist only because they can sell through Amazon. Have you ever actually looked at the site?

    • Anonymous says:

      I know of 3 local used book stores that are still in business because they sell through Amazon.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I honestly prefer a cheapo composition book. I own 2 moleskines and the only advantage I can see is that they are smaller and the cover is more durable plus they have that handy elastic strap and pocket to keep things from falling out of your book.

  19. trippcook says:

    What’s up with moleskine fetishization? I mean, it’s a notebook.

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